Camvac Ducting Accessories

The Camvac range also offers a huge range of accessories, enabling the system to be adapted to a large variety of tasks.  One accessory that should not be missed is the excellent Positionable Hose (also known as a Poseable Hose) which makes arranging a dust pickup point on your lathe simplicity itself.  (Take a look at how I mounted mine - it might spur your own ideas!)  The diagram below illustrates the range of attachments, showing part numbers corresponding to the purchasing table at the bottom of this page:-

Two aspects of the Camvac positionable (poseable) hose are shown here.  The fully flexible hose assembly can be positioned into virtually any shape and it will hold that position firmly.  The hose is terminated in an inlet funnel and extension sections are also available.  The hose fits directly into the 2.5 inch inlet of a Camvac extractor or it can be connected into a ducting system as shown here with my own example.


If your project calls for non-standard lengths of 2.1/2 inch flexible hose, then you may order this by the metre from the table below.  Note that the hose listed here is plain, unterminated hose: this will, in general fit over the equivalent nominally-sized fittings, listed above.  If you require the hose to be terminated to fit into the port of the CamVac unit, then please order the suggested end fitting from the list above.  Also note that there are alternative types of hose listed.  Hose is sold in 1 metre increments. Ready-made hose lengths, complete with end fittings are listed above.



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CamVac 2.5 inch. black wire reinforced flexible hose @ 10.99 per metre.


CamVac 2.5 inch. clear wire reinforced flexible hose @ 10.55 per metre.


Use end fitting type CVA250-23-100 to connect the above 2.5 inch hoses to CamVac.

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