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World Woods in Colour

World Woods in Colour

by  William A. Lincoln

A great personal favourite, this one!  If you have ever written to 'The ToolPost' or 'Woodworking on the Web with Coeur du Bois' regarding wood identification or properties, then this book probably had a part in the answer.  With over 275 timber species covered in detail and each accompanied by a superb photograph, this is truly the woodworker's 'Bible' of timbers.  Also of great value is the list of alternative names which makes the reading of any international literature on the subject of wood and woodwork a whole lot more rewarding.  I simply wouldn't be without this book.

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The Anatomy of Wood - Its Diversity & Variability

by  K. Wilson & D.J.B. White

This book should find a place on the shelves of woodworkers, botanists and wood technologists alike.  Timber sources, milling and structure are all covered before a more in-depth look is taken at the micro-structure of wood.  Further chapters cover such matters as the nature of reaction and compression timbers with a final chapter on the identification of timbers. (Hardback)

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The Anatomy of Wood

The Conversion and Seasoning of Wood
A Guide to Principles & Practices

by  William H. Brown

If you have ever considered harvesting, drying and milling your own timber from local resources, then this is the book you should be reading.  Covering both practical and theoretical aspects of these operations, William Brown guides the user from branch to plank.  In these days of more environmental awareness, the ability to convert timber on a small scale may contribute to reducing the pressure on scarcer hardwood resources.

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The Conversion & Seasoning of Wood

Understanding Wood
A Craftsmans Guide to Wood Technology

by R Bruce Hoadley

Why does wood do what it does?  Covering all aspects of the subject, this book explains everything from how trees grow to how best to cut, season, machine, joint, bend and finish wood.  Published in hardback by Taunton.

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Wood, Identification and Use by Terry Porter

This unique book brings together a remarkable amount of practical information on the most important tmber species in use today.  Aimed to meet the needs of the smaller user it describes the appearance and properties of a huge range of woods in common use in the various timber trades today.  Illustrated with superb colour photographs, this is an excellent identification reference, and the substantial technical data provides a ready reference to the full properties of each species, along with notes about any related health issues - a most valuable addition.  Softback 2012 edition.

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Harvesting Forest Products by George Tsoumis

A full account of the economic and practical considerations of harvesting forest products whilst protecting the natural environment of the forest.  It covers felling and felling equipment, extraction methods, pine resin, time studies, etc.

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British Woodland Produce by J R Aaron & E G Richards

A comprehensive account of the properties, uses and markets from the wide range of conifers and broadleaves grown in British woodland.  For growers, students and all those engaged in handling, marketing and processing timber.

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The Commercial Woods of Africa by Peter Phongphaew

A full colour photograph is included of all the 90 species covered by this book.  Each entry provides data about the tree, its grain and pattern, physical properties and a full list of uses and applications.

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A Glossary of Wood by Thomas Corkhill

Sub-titled '10,000 Terms Relating to Timber and its Use Explained and Clarified' there is little to doubt about the content of this book!  A reprint of a well-respected tome which was originally derived from a series of articles which appeared in the US magazine 'Wood', this book has been unavailable until recently.  The only book of its kind, this provides a useful resource for libararies and keen enthusiasts looking to unravel the mysteries of the wood trade.

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