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Axminster Chuck Jaws
For Super Precision & Clubman Chucks - also for Versachuck

The jaw sets shown on this page will fit Versachuck, all Axminster Chucks - Evolution, Super Precision or Clubman. - plus the now-discontinued Woodturner's & Carlton chucks.  Our own Versachuck jaws will, conversely, also mount onto Axminster chucks and provide a further range of jaws from which the discerning user can select, with price benefits too.

Dovetail Jaws:  These are the most common jaws and find very widespread use, Dove_A_B_Cespecially for the turning of bowls, platters and similar items.  In the table which follows, sizes shown as O/D are the nominal size of dovetail recess into which the chuck jaws will expand: conversely, those shown as I/D are the nominal spigot sizes onto which the dovetail will compress.  It is recommended to make an approximate 75 degree dovetail taper on the workpiece to match that of the chuck jaw.  dove_D_FThe excellent holding power and precision machining of these chuck systems means that it is possible to hold work quite securely on amazingly small grip areas.  However, the lathe should always be started at its slowest speed and progressively brought up to the desired turning speed when a piece is first mounted, in order to ensure that the hold is firm.

In the jaws described below, types A and B have dovetailsDove _G both internally and externally; type C has an external dovetail but the internal diameter has a lipped grip which is ideal for holding end-grain items for projects such as box-making, plus a parallel bore of 1" diameter.  Types D & F have external dovetails with plain parallel bores whilst types G, H and BF are "Gripper" jaws, giving an enormously powerful grip.  Type H has the serrated teeth both internally and externally plus a serrated bore. Type BF has similar characteristics but is designed for use on smaller pieces.  The type M "Mega" dovetail jaws are, as their name suggests, designed for the largest of jobs and are, at the time of writing, the largest capacity jaws for the APTC chuck range.  Not really suitable for use with the lighter duty Woodturner's chuck, in my opinion!  Jaw dimensional drawings.


Cylinder Jaws:  Similar in configuration to, but different in application from, the O'Donnell jaws are the  cylinder jaws.  These are designed primarily to hold long spigots, by providing a 50mm deep central recess, 25mm (ACJ1) or 50 mm (ACJ2) diameter.  In addition the outer end of the jaws carries both an internal and external dovetail. Dimensions


Stepped Jaws Stepped (Engineering) Jaws:  The versatility of the Evolution, Super Precision and Clubman chucks can be enhanced by the use of these stepped jaws.  These standard engineering-style jaws are supplied with both internal grip and external grip versions, a total of eight jaws.  In use, these jaws completely replace the accessory mounting jaws normally used to carry the dovetail jaws etc.  The current jaw design is the safety (round-edged) style, not as shown.


Accessory Mounting Jaws:  These are the jaws with which all of the Axminster chucks come equipped as standard and upon which the accessory jaws (all the others shown on this page) are mounted.  So, you may ask, why sell them separately?  It is always possible that you bought your chuck as the engineering model (option A) rather than the option B which we sell on this site.  More importantly, many turners find it faster to install and remove complete jawsets than to swap the accessory jaws.  By buying extra accessory mounting jaws, you can leave these with the accessory jaws ready-mounted and simply swap entire jawsets whenever you need to fit a different type.


Faceplate Rings for use with Dovetail Jaws:  One of these rings is screwed onto the rear of your workpiece, allowing it to be firmly gripped into any of the dovetail jaws.  Many professional turners have stacks of these rings which they mount to green blanks for rough turning and leave in place until the work is ready for final turning, thus ensuring that the original dovetail can be re-mounted easily and securely.    (But also see the mini-faceplate from Planet which fits the standard 75/60 dovetail jaws of our VersaChuck.)


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