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The ToolPost Model T Chuck
Now Discontinued

Click this image for a larger photo of the Model T Chuck package

We are no longer able to supply the Model T Chuck.

There really are no more available so please save your breath and don't bother asking! The cupboard is truly bare - but read on and you'll see that we can help in other ways ...

If you require a compact chuck, then please call us (01235 511101) as we have several alternatives from quality marques offering good performance and ease-of-use as well as excellent value for money. Unfortunately these are not currently on the website but are in stock in the shop.

We hope to be able to bring you a 'sequel' to the Model 'T' in the future but we are still deep in the development phase as we work to ensure that we can deliver a good and versatile product at an attractive price. Don't worry, we'll let the world know when we have achieved that aim!

If your need is for a very small chuck suitable for doll's house turnings and objects of a similar scale, then our MM50 and MM54 chucks shown on the Micro-Chucks page may be of interest.

If you already own a Model T chuck and have issues with it, please call or email us and we will do our best to help, as always. (For instance we still hold limited stock of mounting bushes and spacer rings to suit the chuck.)

Fun Fact: The Model 'T' was named as an homage to the early Ford car of the same name. Our friend Colin Cooper of Aberdeenshire Hardwoods, on seeing the chuck for the first time, observed that it was simple, functional, comprehensive, low cost - and only available in black. Hence he christened it the Model 'T' and the name stuck.

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