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Oneway produce a huge array of jaws to suit the various chucks in their ranges.  Broadly, jaws designed for the Talon and Oneway chucks are interchangeable - though there are exceptions and you are asked to consult the dimensions page to ascertain that you are making an appropriate selection.  Jaws for the Stronghold chuck are unique to that chuck and cannot be used on either Oneway or Talon chucks.  (Apologies for the possible confusion caused by the fact that the company "Oneway" also produces a chuck called the "Oneway" in addition to their chucks called the "Oneway Talon" - known simply as the Talon - and "Oneway Stronghold" - known as the Stronghold).

Also please note that our own Versachuck is compatible with the jaws produced for the OneWay and Talon chucks only - not with jaws for the Stronghold.

Oneway jaws: top: Step Jaws; centre right: Flat Jaws; bottom right: Jumbo Jaws; below: #3 Premium Profiled Jaws.

Oneway #3 Premium Profiled jaws
Oneway Step jaws
Oneway Flat jaws
Oneway Jumbo jaws

The Oneway Spur Drives (Chuck Spurs) are four-prong drive centres built to a high specification by Oneway and designed to be mounted and held within the jaws of the chucks.  These drives are available in both 1/2" and 1" diameters.  The centre points are spring loaded with adjustable spring tension and the penetration of the point into the timber can thus be adjusted.  Unlike most such products, the Chuck Spurs are designed to project well beyond the chuck body and jaws, minimising the risk of the fingers being caught by the rotating chuck parts when turning spindles with detail close to the chuck.  Indeed, the Oneway is the only chuck-mounted drive that I would personally use as my own view is that I'd prefer to spend thirty seconds removing the chuck than be required to work details on a spindle with my fingers millimetres away from a sharp-edged set of jaws rotating at high speed.  No, I've never had an accident - but I'm determined to keep it that way so I'm very selective about the equipment with which I work!

The Oneway Woodworm Screws are "first fix" workholding devices designed to enable you to hold a piece of timber safely whilst preparing the base and outside of the bowl preparatory to the hollowing phase.  Being by Oneway these screws are works of art, or engineering marvels, with deep cut threads, tapered towards the point and available in a choice of two lengths and either right-handed for conventional "inboard" turning or left-handed for use outboard with the workpiece in the reverse direction of rotation (rotation of workpiece clockwise when viewed on the face).


Onway Collet jaw set: top left, Master Collet jaws with alternative jaw pads shown right and below.In addition to the range of jaws shown above, the Oneway Stronghold chuck (ONLY) can be fitted with collet chuck jaws using a special adaptor jaw set known as the Master Collet Jaws.  The collet jaws themselves, know as "pads" in Oneway parlance, are produced in a range of sizes from 1/2" internal/1" external up to 1.1/2" internal/3" external.  The jaws (pads) are available individually in sets of four or as a complete set, including the Master Collet Jaws and five sets of collet pads (under P/No 2705).  A feature of collet jaws is that whilst they create a very firm hold with virtually no marking or damage visible on the timber, they do demand that the matching tenon or recess is made more accurately than is normally the case when using a simple dovetail jaw.  In the case of the Oneway collet jaws the matching recess or tenon needs to be accurate within +/- 1/8".


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