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Robert Sorby PATRIOT Chuck
Made in the UK

  We suggest you consider either the very flexible Versachuck or the British-built Robert Sorby Patriot chuck, both of which have jaw mountings compatible with the SuperNova.  Patriot mounting bushes also fit the SuperNova chuck.  For more information on the range of Patriot Chuck Jaws and Accessories, please see the next page on this site.
The Patriot (and SuperNova) jaws can also be mounted on our

The Robert Sorby Patriot Chuck has been created to provide woodturners with a high quality chucking system which is comprehensive but affordable. With the generous movement of the Patriot's jaw slides, and a well-thought out range ofSorby Patriot chuck shown with accessory Deep Grip jaws fitted (optional) workholding jaws, this chuck can accommodate just about any workpiece you care to name!  The jaws for the Patriot can also be mounted on the SuperNova2 chuck and also on the former SuperNova and Nova models - the same jaw mounting screws are used too.  Please note that these chuck jaws can also be mounted on our VersaChuck for added versatility.

Sorby supply a huge range of interchangeable spindle thread adaptors to fit into the Patriot making it adaptable to almost any commercially-produced lathe on the market.  That also means that you have a degree of "future-proofing" since by simply changing the adaptor, you can convert the thread of the chuck to suit another lathe if you should decide to upgrade your lathe.  The exception to this is in the case of the larger diameter threads (such as M33 x 3.5 mm and 1.1/2" x 6 tpi) for which the chuck is normally direct-threaded.  If you do have an adaptor-type Patriot that you wish to use on one of these larger threads, a special style of adaptor, known as an exsert is available which carries the chuck forward of the lathe spindle, the spindle thread being formed in a boss at the rear of the chuck.

The standard jaws supplied with the Patriot chuck are the nominal 50 mm jaws (referred to by the nominal size of spigot onto which they will compress when set at their "perfect circle" diameter).  These standard jaws will expand into a dovetail recess sized from 50 mm (2") to 75 mm (3").  In compression mode, these jaws will close onto a spigot, or bowl "foot", with a diameter from 42 mm (1.33") to 67 mm (2.33").  Of course, all chuck jaws of the dovetail type should be used at their "perfect circle" diameter to ensure the best possible workholding, but a little accommodation to allow for slightly over-zealous cutting of the mounting dovetail is always welcome!   An innovation introduced by Sorby in their chuck jaws is the incorporation of a "gripper" section inside the jaws set, behind the dovetail section, designed to impart superior hold on deep spigots - for instance when turning goblets, vases and similar forms which may project a long way out of the chuck jaws.  The full range of Patriot chuck jaws is listed separately, for clarity.  The Patriot chuck is also delivered with a woodscrew chuck which mounts in the centre of the standard jaws and provides an excellent method of initial holding of the workpiece simply by drilling a pilot hole of approx. 10mm in it.

A protective rubber band is fitted around the Patriot, as seen in the photo, designed to prevent knuckles and fingers being damaged if they are brought into contact with the rotating chuck (an action to be scrupulously avoided with ANY chuck!).  The mounting jaws are also captive in the Patriot chuck so that they can never be used in a position where they project from the chuck body - nor can they be easily removed from the chuck body and interchanged.


If the chuck and insert/thread combination you require is not shown above, then please select the chuck without insert, below, and a suitable insert.  If the insert for your lathe is not shown, please contact us and we will  determine availability for you.  If you require an insert/exsert only (without the chuck) then please order from the following list.


Additional jaws and other accessories compatible with the Robert Sorby Patriot Chuck are shown on the following page of this website.

*NB: Prices quoted in pounds sterling. 
Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering.

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