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 We suggest you consider either the very flexible Versachuck or the British-built Robert Sorby Patriot chucks, both of which have jaw mountings compatible with the SuperNova.  For more information on the range of Patriot Chuck Jaws and Accessories, please see below.
The Patriot (and SuperNova) jaws can also be mounted on our

Sorby 4 inch dovetail jaws for Patriot chuckA range of dovetail and specialist jaws is available to fit the Patriot chuck, as listed below and the sizes are largely self-explanatory.  In all cases, the jaw description (e.g. 1in. (25mm) jaws) refers to the nominal size of dovetail recess into which the jaws will fit, to hold work in "expansion mode" with the jaws at their "perfect circle" position.  Of course, all chuck jaws of the dovetail type should ideally be used at their "perfect circle" diameter to ensure the best possible workholding, but a little accommodation to allow for slightly over-zealous cutting of the mounting dovetail is always welcome!  The jaws mounted on a Patriot chuck can be opened out up to an inch (25 mm) above this nominal size but the fit of the jaw into a circular recess will not be exact at such larger openings.  An innovation introduced by Sorby in their chuck jaws is the incorporation of a "gripper" section inside the jaws set, behind the dovetail section, designed to impart superior hold on deep spigots - for instance when turning goblets, vases and similar forms which may project a long way out of the chuck jaws.

A table of jaw dimensions is show on a separate page of this site.

Sorby Deep Grip jaws for Patriot chuckIf gargantuan grip is what you seek then the Deep Grip jaws may be what you are looking for.  These jaws will expand into a 108 mm (4.25") to 133 mm (5.25") recess as well as gripping a 97 mm (3.81") to 122 mm (4.81") foot.

Sorby Pin Jaws for Patriot chuckAt the other end of the size scale but equally renowned for tenacious grip are Pin Jaws. These jaws are commonly used to provide a first fixing of the workpiece, especially if the workpiece has an uneven surface such as a natural bark edge.  Simply drill a 25 mm (1 inch) hole in the workpiece and the jaws expand into the hole, holding the work firmly.  They also feature a fine dovetail recess of 0.53 in (14 mm) internally with a maximum opening of 1.53 in (39 mm) and an external dovetail of 1 in (25 mm) nominal size, expanding to 2 in. (50 mm).

Sorby Bowl Reversing Jaws for Partriot chuckFor finishing the base of work after turning, the Bowl Reversing jaws make life very simple.  The workpiece is held onto these aluminium jaws by eight non-marking rubber buttons which work equally effectively in expansion or compression mode.

It is often useful to be able to de-mount and later, re-mount workpieces.  When using a dovetail formed on the workpiece, this often proved to be a frustrating exercise as re-aligning the workpiece can be very troublesome.  The use of Faceplate Rings overcomes this limitation and makes accurate re-mounting of work very easy.  These rings are available to fit the 50 mm dovetail jaws with a choice of two outside diameters, allowing a ring appropriate to the size of the workpiece to be selected.  Faceplate rings are a real boon in situations where work must be frequently de-mounted and re-mounted, such as in education, where a ring attached to the workpiece means that each student can rest assured that the work will re-mount straight and true the next time it is their turn on the lathe.

Please not that the mounting jaws (also known as carrier jaws, base jaws, jaw sliders) of the Patriot chuck cannot easily be removed and re-inserted for "jaw swapping".  The design of the chuck requires that jaws are swapped by removing the mounting screws and swapping the dovetail jaw on the mounting jaw.  Buy yourself a decent hex (Allen) key and that's no hassle at all!


Wobble chuck to mount in standard 2The Wobble Chuck is an inexpensive introduction to off-centre or eccentric turning, the Wobble Chuck fits in the standard 2" jaws of the Patriot chuck in the same manner as a faceplate ring. The workpiece can be held by three screws - like a faceplate - or by a single wood screw - like a screw chuck - or by both means. It is then off-set by rotating the upper section of the Wobble Chuck. Ideal for goblets with off-set stems. A great opportunity to experiment with novel projects.

2.3/4 inch jaws for Sorby Patriot chuck
1.3/8 inch jaws for Sorby Patriot chuck
Long Nose jaws for Sorby Patriot chuck

A further selection of jaws from the Patriot range.  Clockwise from top right: 1 in. jaws, Customiseable plastic jaws, Zero jaws, Long Nose Jaws, 1.3/8 in. jaws and 2.3/4 in. jaws.

1 inch jaws for Sorby Patriot chuck
Customiseable plastic jaws for Sorby Patriot chuck
Zero jaws for Partiot chuck

For other aspects of chuck use, the Patriot chuck is equally well supplied.  In addition to the two styles of woodscrew chuck (the larger of which is supplied as standard when buying the standard chuck package), the company offer a four prong drive centre as well as a range of the popular Stebcentres, all designed to fit into the standard chuck jaws.

Mini screw chuck for Sorby Patriot chuck Four prong drive centre for Sorby Patriot chuck

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