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Beall Pen Wizard
Making your pens that little bit special

The Beall Pen Wizard - magical content for you pens indeed.  Click for an enlarged view of this superb pen enhancement tool.

The Beall Pen Wizard, pictured above is, in common with all of the products bearing his name, the result of great inspiration on the part of Jerry Beall followed by many hours of experimentation and development.  The result is a fascinating little ornamental turning machine that enables the ambitious pen turner to take their art to

All Pen Wizards now delivered (from 1st September 2009) include the Depth Guide which simplifies the creation of patterns on curved surfaces, greatly enhancing the versatility of the Pen Wizard.  The Depth Guide is available as a separate item, as part ref. PWA, to upgrade earlier models of Pen Wizard.  See list below to order this item.

places it has never been previously possible to go.  In essence it is a pen mandrel (seen at the front of the photo, with the brass knurled nut on it), along which a Dremel minidrill (not supplied) can be driven.  At the same time, the mandrel on which the pen barrels are mounted can be rotated or reciprocated - or held steady - and can be reversed.  The mandrel can also be indexed such that the start place for the rotation/reciprocation can be offset to any of 24 positions.

As a result of this, it is possible to cut spirals (twists), cross-hatching, zigzags, serpentine patterns (correctly termed a guilloche pattern) and combinations of these on the pen barrels.  It is also a simple matter to produce barrels with, say, flat sides (i.e. a polygonal cross-section pen body) with up to 24 facets.  Some simple examples of pen blanks showing some of the basic cuts are shown below.  It is also possible to further enhance the barrels by, for instance, filling the patterns created with coloured resins, metal powders etc. to create the effect seen in the examples made by UK woodturner Alan Hazel, below.

In truth the possibilities are legion and already we know purchasers who have enhanced their Pen Wizards with their own ingenious little gadgets, attachments etc. etc - and we're not going to spill their beans here!! You'll have to use your own creativity for now.

Examples of patterns produced on pen blanks using the Beall Pen Wizard
Inlaid pens by Alan Hazel: click for an enlarged view.

Above: Samples of simple pen barrels.
Left:  Enhanced pens by Alan Hazel
Below: (L) the indexing mechanism and (R) the reciprocating mechanism of the Beall Pen Wizard.

An introductory video of the system in operation is available to view by clicking here.
(This link opens the YouTube site in a new window.)


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