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Magnetic "Bitsa" Trays - Stainless Steel

Square magnetic tray 240 mm x 240 mm
Circular magnetic tray 150 mm diameter

Such a simple idea, but fabulous for stopping the bits and pieces rolling away from your workplace.  Put one on your lathe headstock and you'll never lose the screws for mounting chuck jaws again - hopefully.  One alongside the drill press means that you'll always know where the chuck key is.  The uses are legion and at this price you can afford to be liberal!  Three sizes and formats but all great value and truly indispensible.

Rectangular magnetic tray 150 mm x 244 mm

Spindle Taps

If you have ever wondered how to create a jam chuck, jig, faceplate or other workholding device without also having to wonder how you are going to mount it onto the lathe, then the Beall spindle taps, now available from the ToolPost, provide the perfect answer.

By simply taking a suitable block of fine-grained timber, pre-drilling a pilot hole and then using one of the precision spindle taps, it is possible to mount the timber block directly on the lathe spindle, securely, using the spindle thread itself just as you would mount a faceplate or chuck.  Once mounted on the spindle, the block can be turned into whatever shape is required to suit the workpiece and, being threaded to match the lathe spindle, the jig you create can be removed and re-fitted to the spindle as often as the job requires.  In this way you can build up a complete 'library' of useful jam chucks, jigs and fixtures to increase your turning versatility, speeding and easing your workflow.  Because the device is mounted on the spindle thread directly, concentricity and repeatability are assured for use time after time: gone is the frustration of trying to re-mount a block in a chuck whilst maintaining perfect alignment!

It is worth noting that whilst good results can be obtained using fine-grained timbers such as boxwood, sycamore, maple etc., superior long-term performance from your home-built chuck or jig can be had by laminating, say, three layers of such timbers (with successive pieces having the grain orientated at 90 degrees to their neighbour) and thus making up a composite block which will be very stable (like plywood) thanks to the laminated structure

Prior to tapping the workpiece, it is drilled through with a hole approximately 1/8" (3 mm) smaller than the nominal diameter of the tap.  This is usually done by holding the timber in a four-jaw scroll chuck with the drill mounted in the tailstock.  A suitable twist drill, Forstner or sawtooth bit may be used to create this pilot hole.

Simplicity itself.  A secure mounting, exactly concentric with the lathe spindle, precisely sized and shaped to suit your project - and at very little cost.  Another superb piece of lateral thinking from Jerry Beall, brought to you by The ToolPost.


Morse Taper Adapter Sleeves:  It's most annoying to change lathes - or if you have two different lathes - to find that all of your centres, drills etc. have the wrong Morse shank size.  These adapters allow you to sleeve smaller sizes up to fit a larger swallow (that's the name for the hole in the spindle or quill).  If you are not sure of the size of the Morse Taper in your lathe take a look at this simple method of measuring .


Spindle Thread Adapters:  As with the Morse Taper Adaptor Sleeves shown above, these useful bits of kit allow chucks and accessories to be used on various lathes with varying threads, thus avoiding the problem of having to switch lathes when you need to change chucks on a piece of work. They are also great if you have just bought a new lathe and found that all your old chucks no longer fit the new headstock thread, it is certainly cheaper than replacing all your chucks!

In the descriptions that follow, the first size given (e.g. 1" x 8 tpi (F)) refers to the size of your existing lathe spindle: this is the size of the female thread in the adaptor (the thread in the hole). The second size stated (e.g. 3/4" x 16 tpi (M)) is the size of the threaded male "stud" which protrudes from the end of the adaptor and which effectively becomes the new spindle size.


Long boring kitLong Hole Boring Kit:  This handy kit contains everything you need to get started on long hole boring and a range of interesting projects.  The kit comprises a fixed hollow cup centre, a counterbore which is used in the headstock to support the end of the workpiece once bored and a standard shell auger. We also stock Planet Manufacturing LHB Kits


Hollow Cup Centre:  The same centre as supplied in the kit, above.  If you need a spare or are making up your own kit or need a different Morse taper for the tailstock than for the headstock, here are the parts:  If you are not sure of the size of the Morse Taper in your lathe take a look at this simple method of measuring.


Hollow Live Centre:  A live hollow centre can be very useful in lieu of the hollow cup centres mentioned above.  Suitable versions are shown on the centres page, and below. 


Shell Augers: The traditional - and still the best (and affordable) - tools for long hole boring on the woodturning lathe. The standard shell auger is available in a variety of sizes.  The normal shell augers can be very difficult to sharpen successfully but a newer version, called the deluxe auger helps overcome this difficulty as well as providing improved chip clearance with a spiral flute.  All augers should be used carefully and slowly, withdrawing the tool often to clear the waste from the hole.


Pen Mandrels and Pen Making Accessories:  Many turners find the making of pens a totally absorbing craft as well as providing a great way of using only small quantities of exotic timber.  As gifts or as sales items at craft fairs, wood pens always attract attention.

These Planet Manufacturing Pen components are an innovative design that allows the majority of pen kits to be turned on a single mandrel.Pen mandrel The adjustable shaft length enables the user to decide whether it's desirable to turn 1 or 2 components at a time. Each kit is supplied with 3 parallel spacers for turning pens with an outer barrel diameter of 7mm, and 4 cones for diameters of 7.5mm to 12mm. Supplied with additional lock nut for larger blanks.  Additional spacers, both parallel and conical, are also listed as accessories.

If you are new to pen-making, then an ideal way to start is the Planet (Rotur) Pen Maker's Kit, neatly boxed and containing everything you need (except timber) to start making pens.  The kits include a pen mandrel, blank trimmer and five quality pen kits (ballpoint) to get you started.  Choose from MT1, MT2 or parallel mandrel versions.  If you are not sure of the size of the Morse Taper in your lathe take a look at this simple method of measuring .

We maintain a stock of pen kits and exotic pen blanks at our shop in Didcot, albeit these are not yet available on the website!  Standard pen blanks are available in our timber section.


Planet Manufacturing Long Hole Boring Eqpt.: The two accessories listed here provide the guide and the drive neccessary when using a 5/16" diameter shell auger. The work should be partly bored using the drive centre with the point outwards and the hollow ring centre in the tailstock. The work is then reversed using the drive centre with the 'pilot' to engage in the mouth of the hole and the boring completed.  If you are not sure of the size of the Morse Taper in your lathe take a look at this simple method of measuring.


Lace Bobbin Drives: These drives have a tapered square drive for making lace bobbins and similar items using small-section square stock. The mouth of the drive is 1/2" square.  If you are not sure of the size of the Morse Taper in your lathe take a look at this simple method of measuring.


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