Open House 
 June 2017
Open House 
 Nov 2016

ToolPost Open House
June 4th - 5th 2017

As an example of what you can expect to see at our Open House events,
here's an album of snapshots from the June 2017 event.

The demonstrators included Ronald Kanne and Jan Hovens, woodturners from The Netherlands; Nick Speakman carver and furniture-maker for 3D-Wood; Les Thorne, sponsored by BriMarc and Barry Surplice from Henry Taylor/Hamlet Tools. Chris Pouncy was on hand to give insignts into the Pro-Edge Sharpening system and the range of Robert Sorby Tools, as were Pascal Accoe of Wivamac in Belgium and Michael Muelhaueser of Killinger in Germany. We thank them all!

Wet wood certainly flies well - in the right hands. Concentrate, concentrate ...
Nick Speakman, takin care of his health whilst power carving.

Clockwise from top left: Ronald Kanne; Jan Hovens; Nik Speakman; Barry Surplice.


Of course, my day job is brain surgery: I get the gloves free.
Centre saving with the Oneway Easy-Core system
Hey, it's great to see you again.

Ronald Kanne demonstrated the fine art of centre saving whilst Jan Hovens found time for a chat and catch-up with visitor GarryRance.

Look Mum, no hands (OK, eyes.)
And this is where we'll start the cut ...
'Don't worry sir, we can work that out for you...'
Jan shows how to hollow boxes

Staff, demonstrators, trade reps - and the visiting public - all help to make these vibrant and fun events for one and all.

What do you reckon: the four-prong drive, or the Steb-Centre?
... And it has a CD player, supercharged V-eight engine, warp drive and it's the lovely new Zebrano lathe from Wivamac. Some of the 'facts' may not be quite spot-on!!!
Preparing for another masterclass in thread chasing - Jan Hovens makes shavings We'll maybe draw a veil over what it appears Jan is turning here. It eventually became a box with a screwed lid but ...
George shows his mettle as the demon street-trader - and shares his vast knowledge and experience

Whlst the emphasis is on providing inspiration for your own work, we also try to find gems to further reward visitors for joining us. George's Bargain Basement - although at ground level - always draws interested bargain hunters.

Les Thorne imparts so much useful information during his demos that it is like being at the University of Woodturning.
Anglo-German relations appear to have survived the Brexit vote Bert Butterfield burns himself into memory - quite right for a pyrographer.
Where would we be without the help of our willing and able staff - and where would your tea and coffee be?
A chance to browse - and maybe to buy???
Careful work prepares a box for embellishment with the Decorating Elf from Henry Taylor. The Oneway EasyCore Centre Saver in operation
At least he is economical and saves the bowl centres using the Oneway Centre Saver (Easy-Core)
No, it's not the same bowl: Ronald 'turns out' a lot of work in a day.
... now stop me if you've heard this one ...
The new  Zebrano lathe from Wivamac received a lot of attention from visitors
Are you sure you're an Elf? Oh, it's the tool that's called the Decorating Elf, not you?
Being able get advice from manufacturers first-hand is always a great help
If you get the angle correct you can't fail to get a good edge with this system ...
Great to see Mick Hanbury  (right) out and about again and we wish him a speedy recovery. I think that's what Sheila and Michael are saying too.
As the old song says: 'That's what it's all about'.

... And provided that we see lots of these at the end of the day then we reckon that the shows adds up to:- a good job, well done.

Thanks to you all for making it a possibility.

We look forward to seeing you again on November 5th and 6th 2017.

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