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 June 2017
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 Nov 2016

ToolPost Open House
November 5th - 6th 2016

If you missed the Autumn Open House show on November 5th & 6th, here at The ToolPost, we hope that the following will give you a flavour of what you missed. Maybe that will inspire you to come along to our next event on Saturday June 4th & Sunday June 5th 2017
The demonstrator lineup included Chris West who, literally, wrote the book on peppermill-making and who demonstrated the techniques applicable to mill-making in great depth (below)

Our aim is to cater for all interests in the woodworking field during these events.

(Right) Andy King, Technical Editor of Good Woodworking Magazine, sponsored by Johnson Tools, gave a sterling demonstration of power carving - and respiratory protection - despite the cold!
By contrast, Bert Butterfield (below) worked patiently and quietly helping visitors get to grips with pyrography, both on woodturning and off.

Having manufacturer's representatives at our Open House events means that user's queries can be addressed directly and personally. Here, left, Chris Pouncy of Robert Sorby explains the finer points of the ProEdge sharpening system.

Of course, the events wouldn't even get off the ground were it not for the hard work of our staff (below). We thank them profoundly for their efforts.

In pursuit of our aim of both entertaining and educating our visitors we cast the net far and wide when looking for the most skilled demonstrators we can bring to showcase their skills - and pass them on to you.

Robert O'Connor (below) hails from the Emerald Isle where he is ranked as one of the most competent turners that country has produced.
Chris West (right) is a homegrown talent but rarely seen on the demonstration circuit. A great 'catch' for us!

Woodcarving represents one of the major focusses of our business and we have a close relationship with a number of local carvers including Simon Clements (left), a professional carver based in Long Wittenham. With work ranging from artistic exhibits for museums and galleries to architectural carvings for both the structure and decoration of some of the finest stately buildings in the land, Simon always has knowledge and skills to pass on.

Seamus Cassidy, below, is another highly accomplished turner from Ireland where he shares 'top billing' in every competition with Robert O'Connor.

When planning our demo roster we don't let language, nationality or geography constrain our thinking. We were pleased to welcome Martin Adomat, right, from Germany, courtesy of Killinger Lathes.

Mike Hunter, below, is the head of Hunter Carbide Tools, and travelled all the way from the USA to join us. It is Mike that benefits us so much through developing advanced tools that perform in the same style but with superior wear characteristics than conventional tools.

Robert O'Connor makes turning stylish bowls look deceptively easy - and they don't take him long either! Deft, smooth tool control and a perfect finish off the tool are just some of the secrets he passed on to visitors.

Terry Smart, below, from Chestnut Products, was on hand to answer user's questions and to provide advice on achieving the perfect finish. A full range of Chestnut products on the shelves ensures that the perfect solution to finishing issues is always at hand.

Over the course of the two days of the show, our demonstrators create a formidable body of work to illustrate techniques. Seamus Cassidy (below) turned boxes, bowls, candle holders and decorative items wih consumate skill.

Bert Butterfield (right) has hardly a minute to showcase his own artistry between his impromptu sessions guiding the hand of visitors new to pyrography but eager to have a go.

Where would woodworkers be without a plentiful supply of free tea, coffee, biscuits and other comestibles? On seeing the activity at the kitchen serving hatch, one could be forgiven for leaping to the conclusion that this, and the attendant sit and chat, are major attractions for some visitors. ;-))

The relaxed atmosphere of the Open House means that our demonstrators can do more than simply demonstrate: they are always ready and able to talk through and explain their methods, as we see Chris doing, below.

Our relationship with a broad group of suppliers brings us many opportunites. On this ocacasion it was the availability of one of the new Nova Galaxy lathes, courtesy of Brimarc, ably demonstrated by Steve Giles, right.

Seamus Cassidy took the opportunity to work on our impressive Steinert Alpha-Optimo lathe, fresh from its thorough testing by Mark Baker in the workshops at Woodturning Magazine.

I know this looks like a fisherman's tale, but it is, in fact, a typical explanatory conversation with a customer. We spend a lot of our time talkig to - and sometimes educating - customers who come to us with all sorts of problems allied to the world of woodworking. We're pleased to help and to prove that when we say "sharing expertise" at the bottom of our adverts, it is not just an idle boast.
On the other hand, if you want a pretty smile instead, Jen, below, proves that hers lasts even until the end of the day.

Below, is a bowl from the hands of Robert O'Connor who not only showed how to turn the bowl but also how to completely bead the external surface, as seen here, in a single continuous cut with the tool never leaving the surface of the vessel!

Simon Clements, right, demonstrated his versatility by combining his power carving work with traditional sculpting using heavy duty carving gouges. Maybe it helped keep him warm? It was needed!

Here, left, we see Robert O'Connor showing how the continuous external beading is applied to his bead-decorated bowls. One continuous cutting action, from start to finish to cut all the beads - surely that can't be difficult!?

For variety, Robert also indulged in a little pyromania, applying his blow-torch to the rim of this bowl. Maybe it was in honour of Guy Fawkes: after all it was November 5th!

Whether they choose to teach by demonstration or by talking and advising, our demonstrators certainly impart a lot of imformation over the two days of the show.

Here we can contrast the styles of Robert (below) and Mike Hunter (right).

At the end of the day what really matters is that visitors go home with new skills to try and, hopefully, expanded horizons.

I very much doubt if any of our guest demonstrators was troubled by sharpening issues, but Chris was always there to help ensure that our visitors could make the same proud boast. After all, a turner with dull tools is not a turner, and will never succeed as a turner. Getting them sharp is what success is all about in the woodturning world.

If you have sharpening queries, we're here to help, all year round.

We'd like to thank everyone: visitors, demonstrators and staff alike for making this a successful and enjoyable show.
We look forward to seeing our vistors again at the Spring Open House on June 4th & 5th next year, or in the shop.
Please tell your friends!

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