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ToolPost Open House
November 4th - 5th 2017

Once again we'll be throwing wide the doors to the world of woodworking enthusiasm for our November Open House which will be held here at our Didcot shop on November 4th & 5th 2017. We will be open for visitors from 10h00 until 16h00 daily.

Experience tells us that rushing to be here when the doors first open tends to put you in the back row for demos and the counter: a more relaxed approach to life, allowing the day to spin by, makes a visit far more pleasurable and gives you opportunities to engage with the demonstrators and traders face to face. That's what we are about - giving you the opportunity to get up close and personal so that you can see and learn techniques you may not have seen before.

So what do we have in store this time? Well, I am hugely pleased and proud to be able to announces that Willy Vanhoutte, from Belgium, will be here, primarily demonstrating how he makes his exquisite Christmas ornaments. For those who haven't met him before, let me explain that Willy was the guy who started WivaMac (Now you know where the 'Wiva' comes from - and you probably worked out 'Mac' from machines without my help!). Since selling the company and retiring, Willy has found time, and taken great pains, to become a very competent turner. Since he's such a nice bloke anyway, any time spent in his company is sure to be a pleasure.

Killinger of Munich announced a new large capacity lathe, the KM3100SE, recently. We are fortunate to have one here in the shop and so we asked our good friend and all-round brilliantly versatile turner, Gerry Marlow, to come along and put the 'big beast' through its paces. Whilst the machine will undoubtedly enable you to make pens, Gerry will be stretching the other end of the lathe's capability spectrum in turning big, heavy pieces - at least until we run out of timber or lose him in the shavings pile!

Killinger are also sponsoring the appearance of Henri Kuntz, pro turner and teacher from France, who will be demonstrating a range of tricks from his repertoire. Henri has a particular affinity for super-long, super-fragile spindle pieces (called 'trembleurs' I believe) and so I would expect to see work that contrasts hugely with Gerry's output.

The woodcarvers will be represented by carver and furniture-maker Nick Speakman who will again show how he combines a fine eye for form with artistry and technical skills, whilst simultaneously manipulating a power carver!

Always a popular stop-off for those who like to get their hands dirty during a show, BertButterfield will be demonstrating how he uses pyrography both as an art-form in itself and in combination with his woodturning. Bert is always ready to let visitors 'have a go' and he has been responsible for many folk getting into this absorbing and creative pastime.

Whatever your particular interest in the creative wood world, we will be endeavouring to bring you new experiences and new information, to further enhance your personal creativity.

The shop counter will be open throughout the event, for your convenience.


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