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The Spirit of Liberon Imagination to Reality

Liberon specialise in the production of finishing products for a wide range of trades, including this selection that we believe are of particular application in woodworking, be that for woodturning, for renovation jobs or for general household and furniture care.

NB:  Certain of these products cannot be shipped overseas due to 'hazardous substances' regulations.  These items will be indicated by a "pop-up" warning as they are selected.

Beeswax polish

Beeswax Polish

Liberon Beeswax Polish brings back that memory of a time when the pace of life was less hectic and when drying and wood-denaturing aerosol waxes had yet to be invented.  Its rich natural beeswax and pure turpentine formula make it ideal for use on absorbent timbers such as unsealed pine and oak. Clear wax is colourless and will not alter the colour of the surface to which it is applied.


Black Bison Wax Polish

A high quality wax formulated from a special blend of mineral and natural waxes which can be used on all types of timber.  This wax helps prevent the timber from drying out by penetrating deeply into the pores, nourishing the wood.  Allowed to dry for twenty minutes and buffed with a soft cloth or brush, this wax produces a hard, lustrous glow with most timbers.  Offered in a range of colours, including both Clear (uncoloured) and Neutral (which has a slight yellow tinge to give a warmth/depth to the finished colour).

Black Bison wax polish

Special Effects Black Patinating Wax Polish

This waxe is designed to enhance the appearance of your work by subtly colouring and polishing it.

Black patinating wax is particularly effective when used with open-grained timbers.  Applied with fine wire wool, it adds dense dark colouring in the grain pattern, as shown in the photograph.

The range of coloured special effects waxes formerly available from Liberon are no longer available. However, it is possible to obtain a similar effect using Chestnut Products spirit stains to subtly colour Chestnut Products Wood Wax 22.

Black patinating wax examples

Wax Filler Sticks

A range of intermixable wax filler sticks designed to make filling dents and scratches in furniture both quick and simple.  Select a colour to match the article to be filled: if in doubt choose a slightly darker shade.  In use, simply shave small amounts from the stick, knead it until soft and pliable, then press into the area to be filled using a plastic scraper (mine look a lot like out-of-validity credit cards - just a hint). Allow the wax to harden then finish by buffing the wax with a soft cotton cloth to remove the excess.  May be waxed over with normal furniture waxes once hardened.  Suitable only for indoor use.  In 50 gram blister-packed sticks (similar to woodturning stick, above).


Retouch Crayons (Wax Filler)

Ideal for furniture repair, it may be fair to think of Liberon Retouch Crayons as conveniently-sized Wax Filler Sticks for use on smaller repair jobs.  The material and the method of use are similar.  The form of these fillers is as crayons, which are supplied either  in a mixed pack of three "wood shades" colours containing one each of an Oak, Walnut and Mahogany colour crayons, or in "single species" packs, each containing three crayons representing three shades of the particular timber (Oak, Walnut or Mahogany), allowing closer colour matching..  The crayon is rubbed first across and then along the damage in the workpiece to fill the mark.  Allow the wax to harden then finish by buffing the wax with a soft cotton cloth to remove the excess.  May be waxed over with normal furniture waxes once hardened.  Suitable only for indoor use.


Concentrated Water Based Dyes

A concentrated pigment in a water base, makes these dyes very versatile. Water them down for a softer colour or mix with palette wood dyes to make all together new colours. For best results when using these water based dyes, always pre-wet the timber to raise the grain of the piece of work, allow the area to dry and then rub down, this should dramatically reduce the raising of the grain when the dye is applied.


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Touch-Up Pens

Designed to enable small scratches and chips to be toned-in to match the surrounding timber, these pens spilt into three parts giving a light, medium and dark shade of the base colour.  They contain a quick-drying dye which is waterand wipe-resistant.  Should be overcoated with wax or other suitable finish when dry.


Renovation & Repair Products
Wax & Polish Remover/Ring Remover/Stripper/Bleacher

For removing old wax, dirt and grime from furniture prior to refinishing without affecting most original hard finishes use Wax & Polish Remover: this will also remove heat and water marks from waxed surfaces.  If a polished surface has been damaged by heat or water marking, then Ring Remover will eradicate marks from most hard surfaces such as French Polish, varnish, lacquer and most modern finishes.  The Burnishing Cream and other items listed on our Chestnut Products page may also be of assistance in these circumstances.

If the piece requires stripping and refinishing then Fine Wood Stripper, a methylene chloride-free product, will remove old paint and varnish.  Stains caused by rust, alcohol, damp, fruit, etc. can be removed and lightened using Wood Bleacher: this product also lightens naturally dark wood or paler timbers which have darkened through alkali stripping, staining and weathering.


Lubricating Wax (formerly known as Lubo Wax)

A superb product that deserves to be on the shelf of any woodworker who has tools or machinery that would benefit from being protected from the ravages of corrosion, glue spills and the like - which seems to encompass all of us!  It also lubricates machine tables, lathe beds etc. as it protects but, unlike oil and silicone sprays is clean, easy to use and non-staining. Also see the Shield Technology range of proucts.


PVA Super Wood Glue

A strong, simple, effective, modern PVA glue ("white glue") which dries transparently.  Excess glue easily removed with a damp cloth before drying.  Dries in about an hour though will continue to harden for 24 hours depending on conditions.  Allows long "open time" to permit adjustment of parts alignment before drying commences.  Ideal for wood, MDF. chipboard but will also bond paper and other porous and semi-porous materials.  In 100 ml plastic bottle with applicator spout.


Gilding Materials

The combination of metal and wood can be very attractive and we are now stocking a few materials suitable for experimenting in this artistry.  Before a gilded varnish finish can be achieved, a smooth base must be laid, for which Fontenay Base is used.  The red base is generally the best to use as a base for gold surface finishes.  The gold colour itself is simply imparted using Gilt Varnish.  Chantilly is a classic "yellow gold", the most popular colour.  Compiegne is a pale, "white" gold colour whilst Trianon is a deeper, more old-fashioned hue.  Varnishes in the range can be intermixed and are simply applied by brush: implements can be washed out in sub. turps. 

Also available are gilt creams which are invaluable for repairing or re-touching gilded surfaces and can be used to gild new surfaces too.  The gilt cream colours may be intermixed.

Gilt wax filler sticks are designed for infilling missing parts of gilded frames, disguising poor corner mitres, filling cracks etc.  Worked in the hand, no artificial heat is required.


Garden Furniture Oils & Cleaners

A clear, blended oil which feeds and safeguards wood.  Dries within 24 hours to form a protective seal against the ravages of the weather.  If used in spring and autumn on garden furniture and other outdoor woodwork, this oil will afford protection over many years and the teak version, in particular, will even re-vitalise faded timbers, giving them that "much-loved" look.  If your furniture has become dirty or discoloured then Liberon Garden Furniture Cleaner is a water-based treatment that will also help remove mildew and blackspotting caused by rain and bacteria, preparing it for treatment using Garden Furniture Oil.


Pure Tung Oil & Raw Linseed Oil

Natural, pure and non-toxic, Tung Oil is recommended for use on surfaces such as kitchen worktops, chopping boards, tables and toys.  May also be used on outside furniture and exterior woodwork.  Raw Linseed Oil is the traditional finish for cricket bats and is used for lubricating French Polish.


Shellac Polishes
French Polish; Ebonising Polish (black) & Button Polish

The selection of polishes offered here are traditional-style spirit-based polishes useful for both repairing old pieces as well as creating new masterpieces!

Easy French Polish is a quick-drying clear shellac and resin blended polish for use on surfaces up to 1 square metre (about ten square feet).  A modern development of classic French polish designed to allow you to finish or re-finish smaller pieces without having to acquire the expert's full art.  Applied by brush.
Button Polish is a traditional Golden Brown polish giving an "antique" look, applied by brush to give a pleasingly warm finish to new timber and capable of covering surface defects to a reasonable degree.  Once used on the fore-runners of zip fasteners and poppers (press-studs), they do say.
Ebonising Polish:  This jet black polish completely obscures the grain of the timber, rendering it ebony-like in colour.  It is a fact that much of the "ebony" used in antique furniture was, in fact, not ebony at all but timber dyed black using various methods, with the humble sycamore often being the "host" timber used.
Garnet Polish: A dark brown polish which is often used to create an aged look on all types of timber.
Pale French Polish:  Being colourless and transparent this polish, which is based on finest dewaxed shellac, is designed to avoid creating colour changes in the host timber.
White Polish:  An uncoloured shellac-based polish which is intended for use on satin and light woods such as bleached walnut and ash.  Milky white in appearance.


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