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May we suggest some gift ideas?

Choosing gifts  is never easy and when you wish to buy something of a "technical" nature, it is doubly difficult.  This being the case, I trust that you will not be offended if I give a few suggestions as to how you might make a Birthday, retirement or other event a little extra special this year for a woodworker or woodturner of your acquaintance.

To help select a suitable type of gift, I have broken the gifts into rough price bands based on prices in pounds (excluding shipping and EU taxes) but with an approximate equivalent in dollars given for guidance.  If nothing here appeals - or meets the description you have been given (!) - then please feel free to drop me a line for advice.

Of course, you may also find that browsing the site to an area which matches the interest of the recipient may well help too.  For instance I could not hope to make a realistic recommendation for a single carving gouge, but you may well find what you need in our carving section.

Simply click on the links below to be taken to the relevant section of the site.

under 20.00 ($29.00)

Sorby Spindlemaster 1/2"
Taylor HS169 Narrow Parting Tool
Sorby Sizing Tool
Sorby Hollowing Tools 850H,851H & 855H
Sorby 9710 Vessel Calipers
Hamlet HCT088 Compact Bowl Gouge
HCT140 Heavy Duty Bowl Scraper
HCT162 Mushroom Tool
Crown 272 1/2" Pro PM Spindle Gouge
Crown 244 or 244A Narrow Parting Tool
Crown 236SKW-3/8" Skewchigouge
O'Donnell Ruby Grinding Wheel
Diamond Wheel Dresser
Taylor Slip Stone Set
O'Donnell Sharpening Guide Wallcharts
Jimmy Clewe's DVD: Back to Basics
Turning Green Wood by Mick O'Donnell
Woodturning Methods by Mike Darlow

20.00 - 50.00 ($29 - $75)

Sorby or Taylor Fluted Parting Tool
Sorby Spindlemaster 3/4" or 1"
Taylor Heavy Duty Round Nose Scraper
Sorby RS201KT Tri-Forming Scraper
Taylor HS111 Ray Key Shear Scraper
Sorby RS215KT Chattertool
Sorby 310H Texturing Tool
Sorby 33HS Ring Cutting Tool Set
Sorby RS230KT Swan-Neck Hollowing Tool
Sorby 980 Scissor-Action Caliper
Crown or Sorby Thread Chasers
HCT 505-2060 1/2" Celtic Grind Bowl Gouge
Hamet MH26 or MH17 Multi-Handle
Hamlet HCT141 Heavy Duty Bowl Scraper
Hamlet HCT158 Deep Hollowing Tool
Crown 242EW 1/2" Ellsworth Bowl Gouge
2561XW-1" Heavy Duty Round Nose Scraper
Crown 2761 Beaver Hollowing Tool
BCT 1/2" Supercut Universal
Sorby 445 Fingernail Profiler
Turning Green Wood Book & Video Set
Woodturner's Smock - Monogrammed

50.00 - 100.00 ($75 - $150)

Taylor HS162 Supertip 2000
Taylor HS165 Ellsworth Bowl Gouge
Taylor Kryo range bowl gouge
Taylor HS4 Roughing Gouge
Sorby 330H Spiralling System
Hamlet HCT50X-2060 5/8" Bowl Gouge
Hamlet HCT601-26 Big Brother System
Crown DS Chinese Ball Tool Set
BCT Versatool
BCT Hollomate
Model 'T'  Woodturner's Chuck
Sorby 447 Deluxe Sharpening System

Over 100.00 (Over $150)

JSP Powercap IP Respirator
Sorby RS2000 Deep Hollowing System
ToolPost VersaChuck

under 20.00 ($29.00)

Pair of Skew Chisels
Paring Chisel - Straight or Cranked
Corner Cleaning Chisel
Crown 128 Multi-Angle Square in brass
Crown 116X Rosewood & Brass Bevel
Crown 154 Screwslide Mortise Gauge
Crown Dovetail Squares
Crown Rosewood Plane Handle Set
Crown Miniature Plane
Cabinet Scrapers Set
Scraper Burnisher
Traditional Pattern Screwdriver
Crown 187RS Reversible Backsaw
Sorby Chip Carving Knives
ToolPost Whittling Knives
Traditional Joiner's Apron
The Village Carpenter by Walter Rose
and a plethora of other
books and videos

20.00 - 50.00 ($29 - $75)

Crown 175R Set of Chisels in Wood Box
Crown 174RBW Butt Chisel set in Wood Box
Crown 175CC Corner Cutting Chisel
Sorby or Crown Draw Knife
Sorby Gilt Edge Try Square
Crown 195 Tenon Saw
Toolpost Whitling Knives & Sets

50.00 - 100.00 ($75 - $150)

Crown 175RX Boxed Set of 10 Chisels
Toolpost Whitling Knives & Sets
Crown 175RBXW Boxed set of 7 Butt Chisels
Hamlet HCT032 set of Cranked Paring Chisels
Sorby 447 Deluxe Sharpening System
Sorby 606 Woodcarving Tools Set
WivaMac Carver's Clamp
Roberts & Lee Saws

Over 100.00 (Over $150)

 Sorby 612A Woodcarving Tools Set
Sorby 512 Miniature Carving Tools Set
Airshield Powered Respirator
Tormek Sharpening System

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