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The staff sometimes have a moment to share a laugh. Can we brighten your day?

We are sometimes asked to suggest ideas for gifts for woodturners. We've picked some ideas that we'd like to share with you, below.  Maybe there are some ideas here that could reflect your own wishes?
We hope so.

(NB: Prices shown on this page only, include UK VAT)

Here's how a woodturner might see the situation:-

  • A Oneway Wolverine grinding jig so that I can get my tools super sharp quickly, easily and repeatably. 85.67
  • Of course, I could make an even better job if you'd include a CBN grinding wheel - fast, cool (just like me?) - in a range of sizes and grades from 111.88. You can choose the size to suit.
  • Maybe a Tormek T7 - the ultimate wetstone grinder: that would get my bench tools the sharpest they've ever been. 499.95
  • Now, a new chuck would be useful. I know that The ToolPost have a huge range starting from under 100 but I'd love a Oneway Stronghold, the ultimate chuck, perfect for the more ambitious turner: 282.71
  • If that's bit too much for you, then a Patriot chuck at 166.28 would be nice - and for my smaller lathe a Nova G3: it's only 119.99 on Special Offer. For a 3/4" x 16 tpi spindle or for a 1" x 8 tpi spindle (You can always call us if you need advice)
  • Perhaps whilst we're sorting out things for my compact lathe, you'd better include a set of the only tools made for use on smaller lathes: Toolpost's 6-piece Compac set. Manufactured by Hamlet. 120.00
  • Mark you, they also do that comprehensive set of six tools - the Journeyman. It's clear why they called it that. Yes, please add that for 175.00 and I'll be like a new (wo)man.
  • I saw a 'Woodturning' review recently which really rated those M42 bowl and spindle gouges from Carter Toolworks: they are the sharpest and the edge lasts the longest - and they have those really cool aluminium handles. I definitely n-e-e-d one of those, please. Blade only from 66, complete handled tools from 114.00
  • There's always carbide tooling if you really want to surprise me: the range from Hunter Tools is fantastic and they start from just 64. But how about a Hercules (93.47) or a Jimmy Clewes #5 (101.98) ?
  • Ruby wheels are the best of the AlOx wheels so if the CBN is too rich for you (do you have to feed the family?) then a "Ruby" does a great job, from 19. Check these out.
  • You could rough me up a bit with a texturing tool from Crown (56.60) , or Sorby (66.36) or that super little Decorating Elf from Henry Taylor (45.05) .
  • Wearing a smock would stop me trailing all the dust and shavings onto the carpet wouldn't it? I'm sure that you'd find it worth 38.40 to stop me doing that. Just remember to order the right size!
  • For years I was afraid what you might imagine if I asked you for a butt chisel set, but sometimes my cabinetry requires a delicate touch so at 62.10 this set of four in a presentation box looks like a great idea.
  • A Little Sister for my Big Brother would enable me to do great small hollow forms. By Hamlet: 57.88
  • With all my plans for sophisticated turning projects, maybe I could justify a Drill Wizard by Oneway: perfect for drilling jobs on the lathe. 102.41
  • Knives. A set of ten whittling knives from ToolPost would really cut the mustard (or the timber, at least)! 91.86
  • Sharpening with the Wolverine jig would be even more pleasurable if I could do it using a shiny new grinder like that Record RPBG6, now on offer at 69.99 If you like a big one there's an 8 inch version too.
  • But since you love me so much, what about that belt sharpening system from Sorby: the Pro-Edge - and spare belts from The ToolPost. Pro-Edge from 277.87
  • DVDs and books will keep me out of your hair for hours. And they have such a great range at The ToolPost. DVDs from 13.50, Books from 5.95. What a choice!
  • Now, if I had a DML305 mini lathe I could turn in the warm during those cold winter months - or carry it out into the gardn when it's warm. Offer: 299.99
  • Respiratory protection is something we all need to think about. I'd really like a JSP PowerCap Active, please, please! Breathe, breathe, breathe, 240
  • I can't save the planet single-handed but with a centre saver, I can at least save some timber. There's the Kelton system from 194 or the Oneway from 243. Whichever! (Call us for more assistance on these - they take a bit of sorting out!)
  • Finishing better and faster would be nice. For that, I could really use a Wood Buffing System from Beall Tool or Chestnut Products . From 54. Beall also do that 4" kit now for smaller lathes.
  • Pens would be nice to give as presents next year. Think what I could make if I had a pen mandrel (from ~15) - or even a Pen Wizard - Wow! 296.69
  • More timber might be an idea. There's a great range to choose from and ToolPost even have mixed exotic bags of timber I'd love to try out. Mixed bags: 25
  • Stuart Mortimer uses those Saburr burrs to remove waste wood quickly on his twisted hollow forms. I'd like the one for slitting between the bines. SM250 28.70 Did you see Stuart at ToolPost's Open House - he's amazing?

You could find lots of other lovely things at The ToolPost. If you need help talk to us at The ToolPost for more ideas: we can usually come up with a few that might work for you.

As the UK's largest specialist woodturning and woodcarving store and with the widest stock of turning tools worldwide, we're bound to have something to suit almost every need or taste.

Feel free to call 01235-511101 to discuss your needs.

*NB: Prices quoted in pounds sterling. 
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