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 Grinding Wheels & Wallcharts

However good your tools, you will only become a good woodturner when you have mastered sharpening your tools.  Anything that can help make the process of sharpening turning tools a whole lot easier, is to be encouraged.   MIck O'Donnell has done much to make that easier for woodturners and his sadly-missed sharpening systems were an early proof of that, albeit now lo longer available.

Mick's contribution to woodturning in general and sharpening in particular was not limited to sharpening jigs and accessories though.  We also supply the superior-performance grinding wheels in both "Ruby" aluminium oxide and ceramic types and a set of wallcharts to guide both novice and expert alike in the sharpening of woodturning tools - all of which bear his esteemed name.

As if that were not enough he is also an excellent author, as proven by his books on "Turning Green Wood" and "Decorating Turned Wood", a producer of what I believe to be the best woodturning videos available today - "Turning Green Wood" and "Tool Sharpening for Results" - and, of course, a turner of great skill acknowledged throughout the worlds of art and craft.

(Left): Now come on, Mick.  You don't really expect us to believe that anyone ever turns wood in here, do you?

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