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Record Power RPBG6 152 mm bench grinderRecord Power bench grinders offer the woodturner and general woodworker an economic solution to tool grinding with the significant bonus of providing a wide (40 mm), white, Aluminium Oxide (AlOx) grinding wheel on one side, ideal for sharpening HSS tools.  The second wheel is a grey corundum wheel suitable for the rougher and tougher jobs that gardening tools and similar items may present.

The 6" (150 mm) grinder features a 370 watt motor whilst its larger cousin has a 500 watt motor, ensuring adequate power for all normal tool sharpening operations: if you find that you are slowing the wheel on one of these grinder during grinding then it is a sure sign that you are pressing the tool too hard against the grinding wheel.  Both grinders are supplied with eye shields, spark arrestors and basic tool rests.  (We strongly recommend that any grinder which is to be used for the accurate and repeatable grinding of woodturning tools, should be equipped with a high quality grindingRecord Power RPBG8 200 mm bench grinder jig such as the Wolverine, from Oneway.  Without the use of such a tool guidance system grinding is, potentially, something of a hit-and-miss affair.)

The casings of these grinders are cast iron for rigidity and feature rubber feet to dampen vibration and to help keep the grinder in one place during use (unless you screw the grinder to a baseboard, which is to be recommended - though you must avoid crushing the rubber feet completely as you fasten the grinder down.)



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