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The key to the success of the Tormek system is the availability of "a jig for every need".  These jigs make the sharpening process simple, accurate and repeatable, minimising the time taken when sharpening, reducing the amount of material removed from the tool's edge and hence prolonging the life of your tools.  In the section, below, you can choose any of the Tormek jigs as single items , or benefit from purchasing a package of jigs and accessories designed to enable you to get the most out of your sharpening system, whatever branch of woodwork you pursue.

As a Tormek user you will enjoy excellent sharpening performance from your system: however you will be getting your tools wet and that can mean the risk of corrosion, either of the tools sharpened or of those that may come into contact with the water or even a damp atmosphere.  Luckily, Shield Technology have come up with an excellent range of anti-corrosion products including a honing fluid, containing active corrosion inhibitors, which is fully compatible with the Tormek system.  Maybe this is the one accessory that Tormek themselves forgot - make sure you don't.  Click here to find out more.

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Jig Packages
Designed to enable owners of Tormek products to equip themselves with the jigs and accessories required to suit a particular woodworking discipline.

HTK706 Hand Tool Kit: SVM45, SVM140, SVX150, SVS38, SVA170, SVM00


TNT708 Woodturning Kit: Comprises items SVD185, SVS50, SVD110, LA120, MH380, TNT300, TTS100


TNT300 Turner's Instruction Box: Contains DVD presentation and instruction book covering shaping and sharpening of woodturning tools


Individual Jigs


SE-77 Revised Square Edge Jig: this jig is supplied with Tormek T8 systems as part of the standard product and is used for sharpening plane irons, wood chisels and spokeshave blades.  It will hold both flat and bevel edge chisels perfectly aligned for sharpening, including Japanese chisels.Incorporates fine adjuster for 90 degree edge.


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SVH-320 Planer/Jointer Blade Jig: the SVH-320 will allow sharpening of HSS planer/jointer blades of any length , subject to a minimum blade width of 13†mm (1/2").  The jig can also be used when sharpening mitre guillotine blades and for plane irons and chisels - such a slicks - up to 75†mm (3") wide.  (NB:  TC planer blades cannot be ground with this system.)


SVP-80 Profile Knife Jig: sharpens all makes and shapes of profile knives having 24 mm, 30 mm, or 36 mm centre distance between guide hole centres.  (Not suitable for knives without guide holes)  May also be used for profiled paint removal blades.


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SVD-186 Universal Gouge Jig:  this extremely versatile jig enables the sharpening of turner's fingernail spindle and Celtic/Irish or fingernail bowl gouges plus carver's gouges - straight and curved, spoon gouges, back-bent gouges, down-bent gouges, tapered gouges (including Fishtails, Long Pods, Allongees) and curved and straight vee-tools.  Also sharpens most types of cutting tips for woodturning tools.


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SVS-50 Multi-Jig: for sharpening turner's skew and square chisels with both straight and curved edges and rectangular, oval or round-edge section.  Also for parting tools, parting & beading tools and roughing gouges.  For carver's straight and tapered gouges from 25 - 50 †mm (1" - 2") and both square and skew chisels.


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SVS-32 Short Tool Jig: designed primarily for short straight carving tools , including vee tools , this jig is also invaluable when sharpening power carver blades and cabinet-maker's butt chisels.


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SVD-110 Tool Rest with patented TORLOCK bore giving positive locking onto the Universal Support: this flat table jig is primarily for sharpening turner's scrapers of all profiles and bevel angles and cabinet scrapers.  It also provides an ideal method when sharpening carving scorps and inshaves as well as putting the tip back onto misshapen screwdriver blades!


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SVA-170 Axe Jig: will accommodate axes and hatchets with a head length up to a maximum 170†mm (63/4 ") from cutting edge to poll.


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SVM-45 Knife Jig: is suitable for most types of knife, including most kitchen knives, pocket knives and carving knives with a blade length not less than 60†mm (23/8").  Woodcarver's draw knives are also sharpened using this jig.


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SVM-140 Long Knife Jig: some longer, very flexible knives, such as filleting knives, benefit from the extra support available from this jig.  The minimum length of blade that can be used with this jig is 160†mm (61/ 4").



SVM-00 Small Knife Holder: Used in conjunction with SVM-45 (purchase separately) to facilitate the sharpening of short bladed knives such as whittling knives.


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SVX-150 Scissor Jig: in addition to scissors of all types, this jig will also accommodate larger items such as garden shears.  Note that scissors and shears should not be honed on the leather honing wheel but should, instead, have the burr removed after sharpening by drawing the edge through the end grain of a piece of timber.



BGM-100 Bench Grinder Mount: Mounting set to enable Tormek jigs to be used in conjunction with a high- or low-speed bench grinder.


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