Sharpening System

There's no way that I can hide from the fact, so I'm going to have to admit it:
I got it wrong!
Just remember - you heard it here first.

So just what lies behind this "earth-shattering" revelation?  The truth is that, without having done sufficient research and testing, I had hitherto been a "nay-sayer" on the subject of wetstone grinding.  I had entertained no doubts about the excellence of the Tormek product quality or the completeness of the system, but I had seen the system as the centre-piece of the hobby of "tool sharpening".  How wrong can you be?

Having had the pleasure of proper training and a chance to review these fine products, courtesy of Geoff Brown at Tormek, I became a true convert: an evangelist for the sharpening system "par excellence".  My Swiss army knife is now so sharp that I'm using it whilst moonlighting as a brain surgeon.  Next week I plan to proceed to split the atom with it.  (These last two might indicate that I am being "economical with the truth", but I think they help you get the gist of my drastically revised views?)  What follows is the sane view of this outstanding system but, by heck, I'm excited that we have these products to offer.

My grandfather used to have a large sandstone grinding wheel, used wet, the handle of which I was required to turn for him as a child.  How he would have loved the wetstone system produced by Tormek in Sweden, which features jigs to accommodate just about any tool type which you can imagine.  This superb wetstone system is unrivalled and is to be recommended for use in a wide range of applications in cabinetmaking, wood carving,  woodturning - and in the home!

The Tormek T-7 Water Cooled Grinding System

Tormek T7 wetstone grinding system

Why Tormek and not a copy from one of their several, often cheaper, imitators? Primarily the answer lies in the objective of owning any sharpening system - "seeking to make sharpening quick, easy and effective". What Tormek have produced and the others have failed to recognise, is a comprehensive sharpening SYSTEM. They have a jig for sharpening just about anything you can imagine (and maybe some you can't!), all of which not only work but work well. These ensure that the process of sharpening (and that is what they have made sharpening - a process, not an art) is simple, rigorous and repeatable, regardless of the tool in question.

We have come to recognise the skills of the Nordic countries, and of Sweden in particular, in making engineered products of excellent quality, legendary longevity, with superb attention to ergonomics and 'fitness for purpose' at a price which is very fair for the quality of product offered.  Tormek continue that fine heritage with their line of sharpening systems.  Don't miss out.

The full range of Tormek sharpening systems, jigs, accessories, consumables and spares is available from the linked pages.

Tormek also have an informative website that you may wish to visit.

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