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Oneway Wolverine grinding jig - supplied complete with vee arm, adjustable platform assembly and two bases.The Wolverine Grinding Jig is the core component of the OneWay Wolverine line of grinding products.

Producing razor sharp tools and finely finished bevels has moved from an art into a science.

Owning the Wolverine Grinding Jig will ultimately save you time, frustration and money. The system makes it possible for you to grind your tools properly the first time. Uniform cutting edges and single facet bevels will give you safer, more predictable tools. Because you are grinding your tools less, both your wheels and tools will last longer.

The Wolverine can be used to sharpen gouges, chisels, scrapers, parting tools, skews and carving tools.  The jig will speed up your grinding, give you sharper tools, and prolong the life of both tools and wheels.

The Grinding Jig comes with two bases - grinders come with two wheels, so Oneway include two bases. By mounting one under each wheel, grinding operations can be rapidly performed on either side of your grinder without having to re-position bases. Bases are equipped with cam-lock clamping that makes the removal and installation of all attachments possible in 10 seconds or less. The cam forces all attachments rigidly into the base which eliminates all play.

This Grinding Jig also comes equipped with an adjustable angle sturdy platform that has a 3 x 5 inch working area. This platform can be used on both the left and right hand sides of the grinder. An adjustable speed handle makes adjustments quick and easy and ensures that the handle is never in the way.


Wolverine Diamond Dressing JigGrinding wheels must be regularly dressed to keep them sharp and clean. This is because grinding wheels are like sandpaper - they both become dull with use. The grit breaks down and becomes dull and worn and trhe wheels become clogged with metal particles during grinding.  If grinding wheels are not sharp, they begin rubbing rather than cutting, which results in burned tools due to the overheating.

The Wolverine Dressing System consists of a Support Arm which slides into the Wolverine Grinding Jig base, and a sturdy Holder in which the Diamond is placed.  A fine adjustment knob positions the diamond in relation to the wheel. Dressing the wheel in the required 0.001" increments is easily accomplished by turning the knob by one quarter turns. Only minimal care is needed for even finer increments.  This is the only dresser on the market that allows controlled removal of this minute amount of material. Because the Dressing Jig removes such small amounts, your grinding wheels will last much longer. Expensive wheels become a better investment.

After dressing with the Dressing Jig your wheels will be round, clean, and sharp. They will cut faster, cooler and finer. You will get a better finish on tools than anything you have ever experienced. Your tools will have sharper edges and smoother bevels.


Oneway Flat Tool jig allows grinding and honing using the same jig at a single settingIf you wish to use your high speed grinder to sharpen bench tools, such as chisels and plane irons, you really need an element of control beyond hand guidance on a flat platform.  In order to get the type of refined, smooth edge essential for clean finishing cuts on timber it is essential to hone the tools after grinding.  The OneWay Flat Tool Jig enables  you to do both these operations using a single jig that is equally at home mounted on the bench grinder for the initial grinding operation or acting as a honing guide as you finish the tools by honing on a bench stone.

This clever new jig will sharpen chisels and plane irons up to 2" wide on any 6" to 8" bench or pedestal grinder. Good visual control prevents overheating while the rigid clamping mechanism and smooth glide bearings makes honing a breeze. Sharpening using this jig is extremely fast and easily repeatable.


OPneway grinding wheel balancing systemIf you've been looking for a fast and effective way to balance your grinding wheels, look no further.  Easy to setup and use, the OneWay balancing system will quickly and easily allow you to balance your grinding wheels for life.

Oneway's balancing operation compensates for: out of round wheels; wheel density; thickness side to side variation of the wheel.  Grinding wheels are prone to vibration due to their mass and speed. The faster your grinder, the more important it is to use balanced wheels.

Unfortunately, bench or pedestal grinders do not come equipped with a means to balance wheels. By using the OneWay Balancing System you benefit from longer life of wheels, bearings, and bearing housings, quieter operation and an improved finish on yoour tools. Once completed, rebalancing should not be necessary for the life of the wheels.


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