Imported Hardwoods
in Bowl Blanks and Turning Squares

    Mixed Exotic Hardwood Packs   

Typical content of mixed exotic hardwood bag from The ToolPost

One of our specialist timber suppliers specialises in the produce of Mozambique (look up Dalmann Hardwoods if you're interested in finding out more about this socially-minded enterprise). As an introduction to their range of fine and interesting timbers, they have supplied us with some mixed 5kg exotic hardwood packs containing both bowl blanks and turning squares. These are timbers that, in the main you may not have tried previously but they are all most attractive when turned and polished.  The range from which the random selection in the bags are taken includes: Chacate Preto; Chamfuta; Leadwood; Masasa; Mulumanama; Wild Mango; Xylia; Brown Ivory; Panga Panga and Tamboti and the species in the bag are marked on the individual pieces so that identification is not an issue.

Mixed Exotic Timber Bags - Bowl Blanks & Spindles


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Mixed Exotic bowl blank and squares bargain selection from Dalmann Hardwoods in Mozambique, 5kg approx weight


Mixed spindle pack: contains 4 off 50mm x 305mm in mixed exotic timbers bargain selection from Dalmann Hardwoods in Mozambique


Mixed spindle pack: contains 5 off 40mm x 305mm in mixed exotic timbers bargain selection from Dalmann Hardwoods in Mozambique


Imported timber examples: Purpleheart, Cocobolo, Zebrano, Goncalo Alves, Bubinga, Black Palmira, Pau Amarello etc.

Whilst many turners relish the idea of using domestic hardwoods as part of a continuing connection with the environment in which we live, many yearn for a hint of the exotic.  We endeavour to cater for such ambitions with the range of imported timbers listed below.  We would ask you to take note that, whilst one can certainly suffer reactions and even long-term harm from injudicious use of domestic timbers, this risk is rather higher when using tropical timbers.  We recommend that you take medical advice if you develop any sort of reaction during, or after, turning such timber.  Research the subject beforehand and check that there are no known hazards with particular species that are likely to have a particular effect upon you.Olivewood bowl and spindle blanks with an example of a square bowl in Olivewood by Steve Giles

We are please to have obtained supplies of high quality Italian-grown Olivewood, including stock of significant dimensions - up to 250 mm (10") square bowl blanks, 100 mm (4") in depth.  We also have cubes up to 150 mm (6") cube which could work well in a pestle and mortar project.  Of course we also have the smaller sizes of bowl blanks, as well as spindle blanks, but the pieces we have turned (example, left) have been superb and a large salad bowl in this timber would be sensational.  As you can see in the photo, the figure is quite dramatic and there's little to match the sweetness of turning olive - or the appetising odour.  Just one word of caution - be sure to clean your tools and any exposed lathe components after turning olive as the sap is corrosive and tools may discolour in use.

The following timbers are available from The ToolPost, though stocks do vary significantly, dependent upon supply availability:-  Anjan  (Indian), Bodo  (African), Bubinga  (African), Ebony  (African), Goncalo Alves  (Brazilian), Imbuia  (Brazilian), Indian Rosewood (genuine), Jarrah  (Australian), Kingwood  (Brazilian), Lemonwood, Olivewood  (European), Padauk  (African), Pau Amarello  (Brazilian), Purpleheart  (Brazilian), Sonokeling (Indonesian) Rosewood, Zebrano  (African).

    Exotic Hardwood Bowl Blanks   

To order, simply enter the required quantities in the boxes for as many - or few - species and sizes as you require.  Then scroll to the bottom of the page where you may place your order simply by clicking on the "Order Timber" button at the bottom of the table.
We have tried to make this service a little more user-friendly by indicating if an order for a particular size of timber exceeds current stock availability.  However, please note that this is a guide to availability, not an exhaustive test.  It is possible to fool the system quite easily - the end result of which is that you could order timber which we cannot supply!

Please note that most of our bowl blanks are now supplied in SQUARE format. I.e. a 150 mm x 50 mm bowl blank will actually be 150 x 150 x 50 mm with the grain running across the 150 x 150 face (so the grain orientation will be as 'normal' if you were to cut a 'traditional' circular bowl blank out of the square.) The advantage to you is that the timber on your shelf is not restricted to use as bowl blanks - it can be simply re-sawn as squares, if occasion demands. It also means that you can make a square bowl - always a neat way to impess your friends - without having to seek out special timber supplies. You even get rather more timber for your money using this format and the corner offcuts can often be useful for small projects such as jewellery, key fobs, light pulls etc. The timber is easier to store because it doesn't want to roll off shelves and it is also easier, more durable and safer when we ship it. I just wish we'd thought of doing this years ago!

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