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Personal Protection for Eyes and Ears

Eye Protection

Despite the advances made in eye surgery in recent times, it is probably still as true as when my mother used to tell me, that the gift of sight is our most precious.  Why, then, do we act in a most cavalier fashion when it comes to taking care of our sight whilst working?  Whether you are engaged in turning, sanding, sharpening - or even in knocking in nails, your sight is at risk.  The products on this page are economical protection against these risks, from reputable manufacturers  (would you buy your parachute at a flea market?), of a range of types to suit various jobs which you may undertake - and of course to match personal preference.  Some are designed to fit over most types of prescription glasses too so there really is no excuse for going into the workplace unptotected.

Panorama Faceshield

Panorama Faceshield.

Economy Faceshield.

The brilliant Galaxy wrap-around safety glasses with built-in high intensity led worklighting. Perfectly focussed for the working range, bright and clear. One lamp in each side-arm, independently switchable. Great for deep hollowing at the lathe - see exactly where you're looking!

Above: Jaguar safety glasses.

Huntersafety glasses may be worn over prescription glasses

Above: Hunter safety over-glasses.
Below: Bandido wraparound safety glasses

Sylish wrap-around Bandido safety glasses with neck cord
Bolle anti-fog goggles

Above:Bolle Attack anti-fog goggles.

Viper saftey glasses, close-fitting, with adjustable sidearms and neck cord

Safety Glasses: Viper, above.
and Hurricane, below

Hurricane safety glasses afford economic eye protection
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Auditory (Ear) Protection

If you need to wear protection all day long, then the solution is classic ear defenders such as the Silverine Economy Ear Muffs listed below (see photo, right). Mounted on a sturdy headband and featuring an acoustic foam fill, these defenders will serve you day after day without breaking the bank: what's the price of good hearing? These defenders will last you for years if treated sensibly, giving protection against nuisance noise.

JSP J-Muff classic ear muffs for day-long protection

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