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VB36 Master Bowlturner Woodturning Lathe

The British-designed and now German-manufactured VB36 Master Bowlturner lathe is, without doubt, the most iconic lathe available today. As shown above, the lathe can be supplied with a choice of two different styles of bed, or as a bowl-turning lathe with no bed. Unlike most lathes which rely on the bed as a location and support for the toolrest, the VB uniquely provides and independent, fully mobile toolpost support system, combined with a fine position adjuster, to enable unprecedented access all around the workpiece.

The choice of hundreds of professional turners around the world, the VB has been widely updated and enhanced in recent years and is now a lathe truly superior to any of its predecessors. To celebrate the re-release of this great machine by its current owners, it now sports a smart upmarket livery that enhances its rugged beauty and brings it right into the 21st century. No more 'Brunswick Green'!

VB36 Primary Specifications

Height of spindle above floor datum: 1170mm ('H' model);  1092mm ('L' model)
Max. turning diameter: 2340mm ('H' model);  2185mm ('L' model)

Centre height above toolrest beam: 457mm, giving max turning diameter over toolrest beam: 915mm
Centre height over optional long bed: 330mm, giving max turning diameter over toolrest beam: 660mm
Centre height over optional short bed: 345mm, giving max turning diameter over toolrest beam: 690mm
For turning larger diameters up to the maximum lathe capacity a free-standing tooolrest support may also be specified.

Distance between centres (using optional beds): Long Bed: 790mm; Short Bed: 610mm

Spindle: Hollow spindle, 60mm diameter with 12 mm bore throughout. Carriess bayonet flange for chuck/accessory mounting which locks for safe operation both forward and reverse. MT3 throat for drive centres etc. Adaptors to enable the fitting of threaded equipment also available. Spindle runs in hydrodynamic bearings for prefectly smooth, vibration-free operation. 48-position indexing built in. 200mm dia. handwheel permits easy rotation of spindle for wokpiece inspection.

Motor and Drive: 3HP (2.2 kW) motor driven by inverter to give infinitely variable spindle speeds. Drives through three-step pulley transmission with poly-vee-belt transmission, giving speed ranges 50-500 rev/min; 150-1350 rev/min and 250-2600 rev/min. Spindle acceleration and deceleration adjustable.

Controls: a mobile, magnetic-backed contol panel provides all normal operating controls close to hand and can be positioned almost anywhere on the lathe. The panel incorporates Start/Stop buttons; Forward/Reverse switch; Speed Control potentiometer; Acceleration rate selection and diagnostic indicators.

Standard Toolrest: 300mm long; 40mm stem. Alternative toolrests and stem adaptors available.

Optional Tailstocks: Bore MT3. Quill stroke 100mm (short bed) or 150mm (long bed). Scale on quill.

Dimensions: The Basic machine (Bowl turning configuration measures 565 x 500 x 1325mm (H): 1245mm (L).
Long bed versions are 1650mm in overall length.

Weight: Basic machine: 265kg; With short bed: 340kg; WIth long bed: 380kg.

Warranty: 10 years on mechanical items and 2 years on electrical/electronic items, including motor.

Supplied with: 300mm toolrest; 140mm dia. faceplate; Bennison Fine Position Adjuster for toolrest; Operating tools; 0.25litre spindle lubricant; Operating Manual.


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