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Woodturning Lathes

Premium lathes for the discerning woodturner from Wivamac, Oneway, VB36 and SteinertOneway LathesWivamac Zebrano LthesSienert Lathes - Manufactured in GermanyVB36 Master Bowlturner Lathe
Inventors of the DVR technology, now incorporated in their Galaxi lathe
Superb lathes from this German manufacturer
Wll known supplier of a range of economical and small lathes, ideal for many beginner turners.

A good lathe is the foundation of a successful "career" as a woodturner.  That does not necessarily mean an expensive lathe, but it does mean a lathe selected according to the prospective use to which the lathe will be put as well as the pocket and ambitions of the user.

If buying new there are few "bargains" to be had: basically, other than in exceptional circumstances, you get what you pay for.  It is important to bear this in mind as you plan your woodturning future, if you are to avoid disappointment.

Here at The ToolPost, we pride ourselves upon our consultative approach to lathe selection.  We are quite happy to discuss and understand your needs and expectations and to provide guidance as to the best likely solution to your needs.  We may not always be able to meet those expectations from within our own range of solutions, but we try to ensure that the guidance we give will help you find something suitable.

Our primary lathe brands include the superb German-engineered Killinger lathes for which we are the UK & Eire distributors. Our name has also long been associated with Wivamac, the renowned Belgian lathe manufacturer and we are primary stockists of their Zebrano lathe range.  However we recognise that, in this world, one size does not truly fit all, and therefore we offer alternatives through the shop in Didcot. The additional premium woodturning lathes which we distribute in the UK and Ireland include the legendary VB36 (now beautifully built in Germany), the Oneway range from Canada and the German-built Steinert lathes, manufactured alongside the new VB36.  We also have lower cost lathe offerings from Nova and Record Power.  If you can't find what you are looking for on-line here, please call and we will be happy to discuss our other offerings, examples of which are usually available to view in our showroom and workshop.

However, please be advised that we sell products in which we believe and trust: we do not stock lathes on a price-only basis.  A cheap lathe that fails to live up to expectations is a very expensive lathe and a very expensive education!

The VB36 Master Bowlturner, shown with full bed option,  one of our premium woodturning lathes

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