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The ToolPost: Sole UK Stockist of ToolPost Proud to Supply Demonstration Woodturning Lathes at AWGB 2009 Seminar is proud to announce that it has been selected to supply the woodturning lathes for demonstrator's use at this year's AWGB's International Woodturning Seminar at Loughborough University on 7-9 August 2009. This highly popular event organised by the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB) will include demonstrations from some of the finest woodturners in the world, and The ToolPost is in the prestigious position of providing the woodturning lathes for what are sure to be highly inspirational turning demonstrations.

The ToolPost, the leading supplier of quality wood turning tools, woodcarving tools and related equipment and accessories, will be providing the respected WivaMac DB1000 vario-2CB lathes for use in demonstrations from the woodturning experts at the AWGB seminar. The woodturning luminaries taking their turn at the lathe this year include Nick Agar, Benoit Averly, Eli Avisera and Bob Chapman, along with many other well-respected names from the world of woodturning and woodcarving.

The heavy duty WivaMac DB1000 vario-2CB lathe was chosen for demonstration use at this event thanks to its ability to effectively carry out fine and delicate work at high speed, while also being robust enough for larger projects at low speed. Its flexibility is matched by its high quality build and excellent attention to detail. Technical specifications for the WivaMac includes power transmission of 2HP 1.5kw with "vario" electronic variable speed control driving through a four-speed pulley system with poly-vee belt transmission, plus 4 speeds - 120-480 rev/min up to 750-3000 rev/min - with an optional extra of a moveable speed controller. It is built with a mixture of cast concrete and modular fabricated sections from thick walled steel and boasts a 360 swivelling headstock for easy access and comfortable use.

Properties such as these have elevated the WivaMac DB1000 varios-2CB woodturning lathe into one of the best in its field, both for amateurs and professionals alike. Take a look at the lathe's performance possibilities for yourself, and be inspired by the work of the demonstrators, at the upcoming AWGB 2009 seminar for more information visit

For more information on WivaMac lathes, and to browse a range of woodturning chucks, wood finishing products and a plethora of other tools and equipment available at The ToolPost, visit

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