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Abranet Abrasive Mesh in Every Available Grit from The ToolPost

Abranet is the abrasive mesh product which was originally designed for refinishing motor body filler and which has now found favour in both the woodcarving and woodturning community. This abrasive uses Aluminium Oxide as its abrasive medium and is highly effective on large surface areas such as hollow forms and bowl exteriors. When you purchase Abranet from woodturning tools supplier The ToolPost (, you can choose from every available grit between 80 and 1000 grit, as well as Abranet assortment packs, ideal for the occasional turner or those wanting to try out a new type of abrasive.

Abranet has a mesh backing and while it is not quite as lightweight as the J-cloth backing of the specialist woodturners cloth-backed abrasives, also available from woodturning tools supplier The ToolPost, it is flexible enough to access every contour of a workpiece. While many turners choose Abranet as their preferred abrasive, it is worth noting that the open nature of Abranet does create a large amount of 'free' dust falling through the mesh and on to the workpiece. As with any airborne hazard in the workshop, it's vital to use a dust extraction system such as the excellent CamVac range and when using Abranet it's essential to use the dust extraction as close to the point of sanding as possible.

One of the advantages of purchasing Abranet through woodcarving and turning tools supplier The ToolPost is that it is one of the few stockists of this abrasive mesh in every available grit between 80 and 1000 grit. There are boxed packs of 50 strips (75mm x 125mm) from 80 to 600 grit, rolls of 800 and 1000 grit (measuring 75mm wide and 10 metres long) and for economy and convenience it's also possible to purchase each of the grits in packs of 10 strips of the same grit. If you are an occasional woodturner or if you wish to try out Abranet for the first time, The ToolPost also supply two assorted packs: the 'Primary Pack' has two sheets each of 80 to 240 grit, a total of 12 sheets, while the 'Finishing Pack' has two sheets each of 320 to 1000, again a total of 12 sheets.

Abranet is just one of a number of abrasive and wood finishing products available from the UK's leading supplier of woodturning and carving tools and equipment. Find out more at

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