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Make The ToolPost your first resort for woodturning abrasives and sanding systems

As a seasoned wood turning enthusiast with pride in your work, it almost goes without saying that you will need to include abrasives somewhere in your toolkit. However, you won't get the pleasingly polished finish that you desire unless you choose carefully, as we have done here at The ToolPost in gathering together an envious selection of professional products from such brands as Sait, Robert Sorby, Mirka and Tim Skilton.

In recognition of how a wood turning amateur or professional's workshop requirements can change over time, The ToolPost stocks everything from cloth-backed abrasives featuring Aluminium Oxide as the abrasive grain, to foam-backed hand sanding pads that conform to the profile of the sanded surface and are useful for various home, workshop and garage tasks. In the case of the latter, silicon carbide abrasive is extremely useful on paint, plastics and leather.

However, we have also worked hard to ensure a good stock of Abranet abrasive mesh for the many wood turning practitioners that appreciate its ability to bend into a given workpiece's contours, delivering especially great results for hollow forms, the exteriors of bowls and other large planar surfaces. The product's open nature means that dust can fall through the mesh rather than clogging the abrasive. The Abranet product is produced by Mirka, and can be specified in various configurations, including single grade strips and boxes of the same or mixed packs.

However, many who are well-versed in wood turning also often use power sanding or shear sanding techniques to achieve a higher quality finish so much sooner. The former is the more traditional option, although shear sanding has gained popularity in recent times due to greater concerns about the environment and dust hazards. It differs from power sanding in that the actual lathe's rotational energy is used to drive it.

Realising that both power sanding and shear sanding retain popularity in the wider wood turning community, The ToolPost offers the superb Grip-A-Disc system and the foam-backed pad Robert Sorby Sandmaster system in versions that cater for both preferences. Those who are firmly in favour of power sanding will appreciate Tim Skilton's neoprene backing pads, which were designed with quality specifically in mind. This acclaimed product's hexagonal shaft prevents it from slipping, while shear sanding handles and lambswool buffs are available from the same brand.

Clearly, if you want to achieve an excellent finish on your next wood turning masterwork, only the very best, but also most affordable abrasive products - as stocked by The ToolPost - will suffice.

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