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Superior Wood Finishing with
Woodworking Abrasives from
The ToolPost

As one of the leading suppliers of woodcarving and woodturning tools, equipment and accessories, The ToolPost helps craftsmen and women through every stage of the creative process, right through to the important finishing stage. The ToolPost has helped woodturners to discover the superior wood finishing that woodworking abrasives provide and to understand why it is that some abrasives and techniques produce better results than others, as explained on their website at

The importance of the wood finishing stage of any woodturning project cannot be overstated. Wood finishing refines the timber surface, preparing it for subsequent finishing processes and creating a professional look and feel to the work.  From all aspects, Aluminium Oxide has proven to be the best abrasive for use in woodturning, but it is important that it is created and used in a form appropriate to the application.  As a specialist in the production of woodworking abrasives, Swedish company Ekamant have unsurpassed experience in creating Woodturner's Abrasives, and it is these which are available from the ToolPost website. These are resin coated Aluminium Oxide abrasives bonded on to a lightweight (technically, J-weight) flexible backing cloth creating an abrasive which is flexible yet durable but from which stray abrasive grains will not be easily released. The cloth is supplied both in the "traditional" 100 mm width but, more significantly as pre-cut 50 mm wide strips, leaving the woodturner simply to cut off the required length (usually 6 inches or so) to create a flat abrasive length with edges free from loose grains and fabric strands, ready to create that masterpiece.

These are very much specialist abrasives for the woodturning community, which is why The ToolPost has created a Woodturner's Abrasive Pack: a mixed pack of 10 metres x 50mm wide RKJFO Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Cloth in each of the 10 grades (60- 80- 100- 120- 150- 180- 220- 240- 280- 320). Using so many grit grades may at first seem unnecessary to the turner who is unfamiliar with woodworking abrasives, however doing so helps to expedite the finishing process while reducing the total amount and hence, cost - of abrasives consumed. Not only does this save the woodturner time and money, but the finishing quality is far superior than that achieved with other abrasives or through skipping grits. At 10.95, The ToolPost Woodturner's Abrasive Pack provides a low-cost way for woodturners to experience the full range of grit sizes (grades) and the best wood finishing possible.  You can find out more about abrasive wood finishing, including a comparative grain size chart, at

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