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First, the smock... now, the apron!
It's the latest ProDesign offering
from The ToolPost

It wasn't so long ago that, fed up with the very obvious shortcomings of so many of the woodturners' smocks available on the market, we designed and created our own under the ProDesign name. Now, we have turned that same fastidious attention to detail towards the humble apron, showing that an apron is never just an apron when The ToolPost's experts have worked on refining, refining and refining again, the basic formula that so many woodturning professionals may have simply presumed could never be improved.

The changes that we have undertaken have been the subject of much deliberation by our own master woodturners who have 'been there and done it' in their own workshops for many years, with the most important element surely being the fabric that we have used. The ToolPost's ProDesign apron is made from pre-washed heavy duty cotton cloth in a pleasingly natural, oatmeal colour. By choosing a heavier fabric that would normally be expected in an apron, we have ensured that our entry into the market will truly last the distance, amid all of the heavy wear and frequent washing that it doubtless be subjected to by the most committed woodturner wearers.

But of course, that choice of such tough cloth was also partly motivated by a wish to better protect the wearers of our aprons, this - after all - surely being one of the principal purposes of a woodturner's apron. We don't believe in providing merely notional coverage. Our apron, complete with its wider-than-traditional bib section and greater than usual length to properly cover the lower limbs, really is designed to provide the utmost protection against those inevitable workshop mishaps that even the most skilled and experienced woodturners can fall foul of from time to time.

Our ProDesign apron also simply couldn't be any easier to put on, or more comfortable to wear, thanks to such design touches as an easy-to-adjust neck strap, made from heavy duty polyester webbing and incorporating a plastic buckle adjuster. The waist strap works in much the same way as the neck loop, minimising the hassle associated with putting on the apron and getting down to work. Oh, and there is also a deep, robust and easily accessible front pocket in which to store all of those odd items that you end up carrying around with you as a woodturner - from sweets and handkerchiefs to the occasional tool such as an apron plane.

With The ToolPost's ProDesign apron also available in three sizes and designed in such a way as to offer the best fit to the widest range of body types, we would like to think that our thorough and scrupulous approach has paid off! Order your woodturners' aprons from The ToolPost, and you really can have the utmost confidence that you will be able to practice the marvellous art of woodturning in the greatest possible comfort and safety.

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