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 The Beall Wood Buff, For a Better Class of Wood Finishing

Leading woodturning and woodcarving tools supplier The ToolPost ( understands that quality wood finishing can make the difference between a wood project which is merely adequate and one which is truly outstanding. Bringing out the beauty of timber by finishing it to a lustrous glow is not always easy, however, and many wood finishing systems can result in a less desirable, glassy look or simply a dull surface. Not so with the Beall Wood Buff, however. The ToolPost is the only UK supplier of this excellent wood finishing kit and is helping to spread the word about the benefits of wood buffing among woodturning enthusiasts in the UK.

Buffing kits for timber from Jerry Beall are, in the opinion of top supplier of woodturning tools and accessories, The ToolPost, undoubtedly the finest and most versatile wood finishing systems on the market. When finishing items created by woodturning on the lathe, there is no easier way to achieve a superb finish than with the Beall Wood Buff kit. The kit contains three 8" buffing wheels, each made with a different material and structure, individually designed for a particular stage in the buffing process. A spindle adaptor is included, threaded to match the wheel hubs, so that the various buffs can be mounted/dismounted quickly and easily. The adaptor may either be fitted onto the shaft of a grinder, for which a 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch adaptor bush is provided, or mounted in the lathe. When used to finish items created with a woodturning lathe, The ToolPost recommends mounting the adaptor in the woodturning lathe by holding its outside diameter (1") in the jaws of a chuck. The Beall Wood Buff Kit is completed with two bars of buffing compound (Tripoli and White Diamond) and a generous bar of pure Carnauba Wax.

The ToolPost also stocks sets of similarly-structured 4 inch wheels for finishing smaller objects, with mounting hardware for these sold separately. There's even a Razor Edge Buff for getting into awkward, narrow, nooks and crannies and giving them an equally fine finish.  For the internal finishing of smaller bowls, goblets and the like, sets of Bowl Buffs are available in a choice of 2", 3" and 4" diameters.  Each Bowl Buff kit contains three buffing wheels mounted on threaded arbors to mount on the adaptor used with the plain buffing wheels.

The ToolPost supplies the full range of Beall Wood Buffing Equipment and the ToolPost website includes a detailed guide to using both the Wood Buff and the Bowl Buffs. To find out more about how this "revolution in wood finishing" can simply and quickly create beautifully finished woodwork, visit


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