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Dave Beatt: evidence that the joys of woodturning last a lifetime

As frequently as we do wax lyrical about woodturning here at The ToolPost, it's not too often that you see woodturning career success stories or people's love of woodturning discussed in the press; Dave Beatt is one of these stories.

Mr Beatt has been woodturning since he was 13 - and 53 years later, he still finds the time to indulge in his favourite hobby. He first used a lathe while at school, and took to attending woodwork night classes after he left.

Despite buying his first lathe at the age of 16, when he would make table lamps in his family's garden shed, Dave never pursued a career in woodturning. He instead took over his father's grocery business alongside his brother Ronnie, before selling it to former Dundee United chairman Eddie Thompson.

It may have fallen by the wayside during this time, but Beatt's urge to get back into woodturning was always there. He decided to take up the activity again at the turn of the Millennium and has since become secretary for his local woodturning club, in addition to making items such as bowls, lamps and wooden pens to sell at nearby craft fairs.

Dave's love of woodturning could even be said to run in the family, as it conspires that his uncle David owned a cabinet-making workshop. As for his old job, the returning woodturner has admitted that he misses it "like a hole in the head".

Join a woodturning club... or ourselves here at The ToolPost

Much like the one Dave is a part of, woodturning clubs aim to promote woodturning as an art and raise awareness of the joys of the activity by helping learn and develop their skills in a supportive environment. Anyone can join, although the age range does tend to lean towards older people.

Clubs may invite professional demonstrators to show off their skills, or assist their members in other ways with the development of their woodturning skills - much as we do ourselves here at The ToolPost. Indeed, you may find us to be the ideal alternative to joining a club!

If you are as enthusiastic about woodturning as Dave is or you are looking to get started, don't hesitate to shop with us here at The ToolPost. You can do so in our physical Didcot store/showroom or right here online, for all of the woodturning supplies that you require in order to get your 2016 off to a hugely productive and rewarding start.

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