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Just Some of the Woodturning Books Available to Purchase

For all of the pride that The ToolPost takes in stocking all of the customary tools of the woodturning trade - from wood carving tools and sharpening systems to woodturning lathes and finishes and adhesives - we also realise the potentially very significant role of the woodturning book. 

Any given book on such an expansive subject as woodturning may focus on technical instruction for the determined beginner professional, or perhaps exist more for the pleasure of the amateur. Whatever the customer expects from a woodturning book, The ToolPost offers an extensive range for order on its website, on subjects including wood, the carving and/or turning of wood and furniture, as well as many other matters.

One book that has been much-admired at The ToolPost recently is Robin Wood's extremely informative tome on The Wooden Bowl, covering its origins, history, creation and use. This book is highly suitable for anyone - the student, collector or enthusiastic amateur - with an interest in wooden pieces. Those desiring a more practical book, however, may look to Woodturning - A Foundation Course (New Edition) by the late Keith Rowley, a superb teacher who left beginner woodturners with the best possible legacy in this easy to understand and follow publication.

Slightly more seasoned woodturning enthusiasts, however, demand slightly more in-depth reading material. To that end, they may be more interested in such books as Japanese Woodworking Tools - Their Tradition, Spirit and Use by Toshio Odate, or Betty Norbury's Marketing & Promotion for Crafts. Odate is a master craftsman who knows how to inform western woodturners on the ways in which Japanese tools should be used and looked after, while Norbury is the wife of internationally renowned carver Ian Norbury, and complements this perspective with considerable craft marketing knowhow, as gained in her running of a craft gallery and annual exhibition.

Across the categories in which The ToolPost sells woodturning books, there is many a delight and surprise to be found. If you thought you knew everything there was to know about woodworkers' timbers, for example, you will be thoroughly disabused of that notion after a quick browse of World Woods in Colour, by William A. Lincoln. It covers some 275 timber species in detail, also providing a useful photograph, and would be an almost-certain mainstay of your own workshop.

There are many more, general as well as fairly specialised books that we could mention on the wonderful world of woodturning, by leading authors on the subject like Mick O'Donnell, Edwin M Wyatt, Terry Porter, Ian Norbury and Frederick Oughton... but really, we suspect that you're going to have to take a look at our comprehensive selection for yourself . You will be glad you did! 

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