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Big Brands at The ToolPost

As a specialist supplier of quality woodturning tools to seasoned professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike, The ToolPost ( knows that the right equipment really does matter in this most exacting of fields, and that the best quality equipment is always likely to come from the most reputable manufacturers. That's why we take pride in stocking such renowned international brands as Wivamac, Hunter Carbide Tools and Oneway, not to mention the best of British.

When we're discussing our brands in detail, we might as well start with one of the very best: Henry Taylor. For almost two centuries, Henry Taylor has been producing tools for the most discerning woodturners and woodcarvers. The latest development from this venerable company is its Kryo range consisting of bowl gouges, spindle gouges and roughing gouges that represent a significant step forward in the heat performance of woodturning tools . Not only do these tools deliver the best performance, but they are genuinely affordable.

Another brand that can't be ignored is Robert Sorby, which has a reputation for design innovation and a thorough approach to development. Whatever you need as a woodturner, you are sure to find something to suit from its extensive selection of technical tools. We also stock the finest tools for woodturning and woodcarving from Sheffield-based Hamlet Crafts Tools. You may have already used this long-established company's products, given its production of tools for other brands. Now, though, it has a range of tools marketed under its own name, many available exclusively through us.

The full Hamlet Craft Tools range includes bowl gouges in high-performance cryogenically treated steels, in a range which includes turning tools such as roughing gouges, parting tools, skew chisels, scrapers and deep hollowing tools. At the cutting edge of development of new generation tools is the range of Hunter Carbide Tipped Tools, in keeping with head guy Mike Hunter's vision of tough tools that keep their edge for the longest possible time, in addition to offering exceptional sharpness. Extensive development of the brand's tools under the auspices of this passionate woodturner has resulted in some truly exceptional equipment.

Another great supplier to emerge from Sheffield - certainly a great toolmaking city - is Crown Tools, which offers both woodturning and woodworking tools benefitting from traditional skills. The company is highly rated for the value that its tools represent, with bowl gouges, spindle gouges, roughing gouges, skew chisels, ring tools and thread forming tools just a few of the product types available. For some of its bowl and spindle gouges, noted by a "PM" suffix on the relevant part numbers, the company uses steel produced using the powder metallurgical process, giving the tools amazing edge retention properties.

Of course, we couldn't possibly tell you everything about each and every one of our brands in such a small space, which is why we would advise you to investigate the rest of The ToolPost's ( range encompassing the best suppliers of products relating to so many aspects of woodturning, woodcarving and wood finishing .

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