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A closer look at The ToolPost's tools for carving and whittling

Those who are not involved in woodturning or woodcarving in any capacity may not be aware of the exact distinction between the two. Indeed, while woodturning is a discipline that The ToolPost ( serves with distinction, providing the most popular and trusted specialist tools and lathes, woodcarving is a quite distinct and different art with its own lexicon of tools and equipment. As is the case with our stock of woodturning tools, our woodcarving tools range is truly vast, thanks in part to the broad range of manufacturers that we represent.

So in-depth is the range, in fact, that we had a task on our hands to decide how to organise and present these tools on our website, although we eventually chose to divide them into categories primarily related to the size and style of the projects undertaken by them. If you are an amateur carver, for example, then you are likely to be perfectly well catered-for by our normal woodcarving tools, which have been further divided into individual tools and sets. Also available are carving accessories such as mallets and carving clamps. The brands that are represented in this range include Henry Taylor, Flexcut and Robert Sorby.

It is, however, also the case that many woodcarvers will take on larger projects from time to time, and we have suitably catered for them with a page dedicated to sculptural carving tools, typically with blade sizes ranging from 7/8" (22mm) upwards. For substantial projects like the production of the large wooden sculptures that are so strongly associated with monumental woodcarving, more robust tools are required that are designed to withstand heavy use with a mallet, and that is precisely what these tools are. We offer cutting edge profiles derived from the London List, while these tools also feature heavy duty double hooped ash handles and leather shock absorbing washers between bolster and handle.

Do you have children who are only just getting into the woodcarving craft? If so, then you may wish to invest in some of our miniature carving tools although it should be stressed that these are not specifically children's tools, merely being easier for children to drive through timber under hand pressure by virtue of their smaller size. For all manner of smaller work, in fact, these tools are often the answer. Also taking pride of place in our present vast range of tools for woodcarving are chip carving knives and whittling knives, which are all that you require to get accustomed to these intriguing carving sub-disciplines.

In recent years, there has been a greater tendency for woodcarvers to use powered equipment, which we also stock, and on that subject, we also have what could only be described as one of the ultimate woodcarving power tools the Wivamac copy carving machine that is capable of replicating almost any sculptural form. We also offer 'cut-proof' gloves and even advice and products for tool sharpening. All of this only further demonstrates that when you have any woodcarving requirement, you really should browse to The ToolPost ( before any other site.

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