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Practical Woodturning with Condiment Mill Kits
from The ToolPost

The ToolPost understands that while woodturning is an art, there is something wholly satisfying about applying this art to the creation of a practical item for everyday use. That's why it has included condiment mill kits (as well as separate condiment mill mechanisms and spindles as component parts) in its range of woodcarving and woodturning tools and equipment available in its Oxfordshire shop and its online store at

The Cera Star condiment mills from The ToolPost, so named because they have high quality ceramic milling systems and stainless fittings and spindles, can be used for grinding pepper, crystal salt and spices. The superior, corrosion-resistant materials used by Cera Star in their condiment mill components make for a woodturning project that is both pleasing and practical: a beautifully made condiment mill which lasts for years even when grinding highly CLick here to buy CerStar condimnet mill kits.corrosive salt or bulky seeds and peppercorns.

The Cera Star condiment mill kit makes a great gift for a woodturning enthusiast, although please note that timber is not included: be sure to purchase a two inch square blank of timber of appropriate length to suit the spindle dimension so that the recipient has everything they need to crack on with their new woodturning project. Alternatively, if you are a serial producer (!) of condiment mills, The ToolPost sells the spindles and mills mechanisms separately. This is particularly helpful should you wish to mix and match them, and saves you having to search for a kit with the required spindle length.  To simplify the task of making a mill, The ToolPost offers a matching high quality CeraStar drill set which contains all of the drills required to produce the mill, with no compromise on size selection.  This comprehensive drill set, supplied in a smart fitted wooden storage case, comprises three sawtooth Forstner bits for drilling the shallower recesses required in mill construction as well as two longer machine auger bits for the through holes.  The design of the CeraStar mills even allows the more ambitious turner to create an attractive wooden finial to cover the chrome-plated retaining nut provided with the mill kits.

This is just one example of the practical woodturning and woodcarving projects made possible by the tools, equipment and guidance of The ToolPost. Find out more at

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