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Purchasing the right clamp for your woodworking project

For woodworkers across the UK and indeed the world, finding suitable means to correctly hold their project parts when working can be a challenge. Many of the most capable woodworkers realise that the most sensible solution is to invest in a versatile roster of tools and clamps. Here at The ToolPost, we offer a range of economical and reliable clamps that suit a whole variety of applications, from basic woodworking to more demanding task. Of course we also hold a very wide range and variety of chucks and accessories that resolve the workholding challenges presented by woodturning.

Our range of G-clamps, for example, enables any woodworker to find the ideal tool for them. Made from robust malleable iron, these clamps come in seven different sizes, ranging from two to 12 inches, and all feature a good throat clearance. In addition, each clamp features a copper-plated screw, reinforced shoulders for added strength, a swivel clamp head and a sliding tommy bar that enables you to exert just the right amount of pressure through the clamp for your desired application. Finally, each of our G-clamps is finished with a heavy epoxy coating for long-term corrosion resistance.

While G-clamps are ideal for smaller work, sash cramps are great for gluing table tops, cupboard sides and doors, offering the extreme reach and grip that is required for such applications. Again, these cramps come in a range of sizes with sliding jaws to offer continuous adjustment, while also being available at competitive prices.

Meanwhile, our guide clamps offer a truly remarkable level of versatility. As well as their primary application as guide bars for power tools, they can also be used as light clamps, and even bench top work holding devices when assembled back-to-back. Designed using precision extruded aluminium, our guide clamps can be dropped into place on the top of a board, and feature a movable clamp head for easy adjustment. A cam-action lever can lock the clamp in place to provide the stability and precision that you need for your woodworking.

Finally, we also stock a range of spring clamps, for when you require an extra hand to hold a piece in place. Offered at a good-value price, these clamps are highly versatile ideal for your workshop as well as photography studios and around your home. Available in packs of five, these spring clamps are a must-have for any woodworker.

By offering such a range of clamps and holders on our website here at The ToolPost, we are confident that you will be able to find the perfect tool to complement your project, working style and budget. In addition to our range of clamps, we stock all of the equipment that you will need for your next woodturning, woodcarving or DIY project, whether you will require a new lathe, power carving tool or even a fresh stock of timber itself.

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