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More about the Jimmy Clewes Masterclasses

Some things bear repeating. Here at the Tool Post (, we're so proud to have such a talented and well known figure in the world of  woodturning as Jimmy Clewes visit us and share his experience and skills with the lucky few who will get a coveted place on his Masterclass courses, we thought we'd take a closer look at these non-to-be-missed events in a second news piece.

What Jimmy Clewes doesn't know about  woodturning  probably isn't worth knowing. Clichés aside, Jimmy is a very engaging and highly skilled tutor who works in a very collaborative way. Indeed, some of the more challenging pieces he has helped fellow turners create are subsequently signed by Jimmy Clewes and the co-worker together. It's a nice touch and a fitting memento from the time spent learning and honing techniques with one of the best there is and a way to own a unique piece, one created by Jimmy Clewes and you. It's another compelling reason to try and secure yourself a place on the 2 day Masterclasses here at the ToolPost on 12/13 and 14/15 November, 2013.

The Masterclasses will allow you to try new woodturning techniques, as well as improve existing ones, across a range of projects of varying difficulty. Because the classes are run in collaboration with us here at the Tool Post, you'll have all of the necessary tools at your disposal. And of course, once you learn new techniques you'll see which tool works best for each specific scenario.

Jimmy is a great believer in working with care, attention and precision and that translates into his care for the tools he uses as well. His studio is spotless and he puts as much care into his tools as he does into his woodturning. It makes sense, and it's something that we are absolutely in agreement with here at the ToolPost, as you would expect! A sharp, high quality tool, being so much easier to use regardless of whether you're a novice or a seasoned turner, after all. Indeed, Jimmy often spends part of his courses focusing on tool care.  

Jimmy Clewes is a true professional and an extremely talented artisan. He'll teach you new techniques as well as building up your self-belief as a turner. Whether it is in selecting the optimum woodturning lathe   spindle speed to get the best cutting action, modifying the tool bevel to maximize manoeuvrability, or in developing the ability to "see" the developing shape of the turned object, Jimmy's expertise will guide you towards your goal of superior woodturning. 

In addition to building confidence and technical ability, he nurtures talent, passion and creativity so that, after a Masterclass with Jimmy, you'll have the tools to turn wood into delicate, beautiful objects. That's if you're lucky enough to get a place: the courses are on 12/13 and 14/15 November this year, and with places being severely limited, you should call ToolPost ( on  +44 (0)1235 511101 or email us at as soon as possible!

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