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The ToolPost: Home of the Fastest and Coolest-Cutting Grinding Wheels on the Market!

The ToolPost is used to bringing the woodturning world the very best equipment and tools available on the market, including essential accessory tools for tool grinding and tool sharpening. The latest revolutionary grinding product to hit The ToolPost store in Didcot, Oxon and the online store at are the Cubic Boron Nitride Grinding Wheels: the fastest and coolest cutting grinding wheels out there!

Regular visitors to The ToolPost store or website will remember the arrival of the O'Donnell Ruby Wheels: outstanding tool grinding wheels that were at the time the 'ultimate' grinding wheel, particularly for high speed grinders. These "Ruby" wheels are still top sellers thanks to the extra-sharp grit which provides excellent performance. However, now there are new wheels in town: the Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Grinding Wheels and they're set to further revolutionise tool sharpening.

Cubic Boron Nitride or CBN is a ceramic grain which is nearly as hard as diamond but which succeeds in sharpening High Speed Steel (HSS) where diamond fails (diamond adversely affects the molecular structure of HSS even at low temperatures and so can only be used in water-cooled applications). CBN grains are bonded to the supporting steel hub in such a way that the wheels can be used dry, with no need for coolant, and require the application of very little pressure to sharpen woodturning tools and quickly remove material, yet leaving a fine finish. Very few sparks are produced while tool sharpening and both the tool and the wheel itself remain far cooler in temperature than with other wheels. CBN wheels create a grind which is the equivalent of a 100 grit or even finer finish, and are available to replace narrow, standard or extra width wheels. What's more, these superior wheels have an almost indefinite life span (when treated with care), making them excellent value for money.

Find out more information on how the Cubic Boron Nitride Grinding Wheels are revolutionising tool sharpening at


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