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D & M caters for a wide range of woodturning finishing requirements

You might have gathered from our past musings that we are quite big fans of German wood finishes here at The ToolPost - we are delighted to be able to offer the Drechsleroel woodturner's oil from Steinert, for example - and that sentiment certainly doesn't change as far as the finishes of the D & M brand are concerned. Indeed, the company offers woodturning finishing products that meet needs perhaps inadequately addressed by the offerings of other manufacturers.

D & M is short for Drechseln und Mehr (trans. 'Turning & More'), and such is our enthusiasm for this brand that we stock not only its excellent natural oil, but also its acclaimed wood hardener, carnauba wax cream and pen finish. Let's start with that Pen Finish - a superb polymeric product that is applied simply by wiping it onto the rotating wooden pen components. This provides a lustrous, hardwearing finish that completely dries in no more than 10 minutes.

Once dried, the finish will resist water, sweat, impact, abrasion and UV light, and can be made glossier simply by the application of additional coats. It'll also preserve the colour of the underlying timber, being truly crystal clear. We offer D & M Pen Finish in 100ml and 250ml variants, with a similar level of choice applying to our other offerings from this brand. D & M Wood Hardener, for instance, comes in 500ml, 1000ml, 2500ml and 5 litre sizes.

Wood Hardener is the D & M product to choose if you want to work with some 'past its best' timber without the disappointing results that can so often arise from this kind of endeavour. It soaks into the timber, drying and leaving a firmer surface that cuts so much more easily than your typical rotten old timber. You can apply this hardener with a paintbrush and once it has dried in 10 to 20 minutes, you can just cut and sand the wood as normal.

Also available is a Carnauba Wax that provides the high bright lustre that has made this type of finish so popular among woodturners. It can be applied directly to the timber surface using a soft cloth, before being polished off with a clean cloth. Finally, we also proudly stock D & M Natural Oil Finish for use on woodturnings, natural wood furniture, floors and worktops. As its name suggests, it contains only natural ingredients, being free of harmful volatile solvents while also meeting the DIN EN71 Pt 3 standard for toy safety.

Such characteristics of D & M's wood finishes make it no surprise that we so readily recommend it to woodturning professionals and amateurs alike here at The ToolPost. Take a look at our present product selection to find the finishes that best suit your own carefully crafted wooden masterpieces.

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