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New in at The ToolPost:
8" diameter x 40mm wide CBN Wheels for Larger Grinders

The UK's top supplier of the world's best woodcarving and woodturning tools and equipment, The ToolPost, announced the launch of the state-of-the-art CBN (or Cubic Boron Nitride) grinding wheels for 6" bench grinders on its website at a few months ago. The ToolPost is now pleased to announce the availability of 8" (200 mm) diameter by 40mm wide CBN wheels for use in larger grinders.

Cubic Boron Nitride is a ceramic grain which is nearly as hard as the hardest substance on earth, diamond, and also exhibits superior high temperature performance. This incredible toughness has been harnessed in the range of CBN grinding wheels which are used to sharpen High Speed Steel (HSS). Most
woodturning tools are now made of HSS and as diamond cannot be used on a high speed dry wheel (when grinding, the temperatures reached, although relatively low, still cause the diamond and alloy steels to interact adversely) these CBN wheels have become the grinding wheel of choice for many woodturners.  This follows the lessons from industry where CBN is the abrasive of choice for precision shaping and finishing operations on hardened alloy steels.

There are a number of reasons why CBN wheels are now held in such high regard. They can be used dry, without the need for coolant; there is no need to apply heavy pressure with these wheels in order to sharpen
woodturning tools effectively; they create a very fine grind in very little time; there are hardly any sparks produced; and both the wheel and the tool remain cool, making it unlikely that anyone with even a modicum of sharpening skill could burn or 'blue' tools and, of course, the wheels never need dressing.

In making these superb wheels available to the home worker and small trade user, The ToolPost has ensured the widest possible compatibility by making the wheels in a recessed configuration, such that although the grinding face is 40 mm wide, the wheel has a hub only 25 mm wide so that it directly replaces a standard 25 mm (1") wide grinding wheel. 

Further expanding the collection of
tool grinding equipment, The ToolPost now stock a range of turned aluminium wheel bushes (from Holzer, the manufacturer of the CBN wheels themselves) which may be used with the CBN wheels as well as conventional wheels giving superior wheel alignment. By eliminating eccentricity in the mounting these bushes contribute to much smoother grinder operation. Talk to The ToolPost about the whole range of grinding equipment suitable for sharpening woodturning tools and  available from their well-stocked shelves: whether your need is for a grinder, a grinding wheel, a wheel dresser, wheel balancing or sharpening jigs, The ToolPost can guide you.

To view the entire range of CBN wheels and accessories now available at The ToolPost, along with a wide range of other essential woodturning and carving equipment, go to

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