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Enhance Smaller Turned Objects with Henry Taylor's Decorating Elf at

For the woodturner who is looking to enhance small turned objects, there's no simpler, quicker or more effective way than using the Decorating Elf from Henry Taylor Tools, available at leading supplier of woodturning tools The ToolPost (

In recent years many woodturners have turned to creative methods of wood finishing to enhance their work.  As such methods become more commonplace, new tools are being developed which give further scope for creativity in the act or turning itself.  Indeed it sometimes appears that the tools are becoming as fundamental to the turner's armoury as a woodturning lathe, a gouge or a skew chisel. By carefully detailing their smaller creations such as boxes, pens, toys, condiment mills and finials, turners are able to express their originality and define an approach to wood finishing which is very much their personal touch, adding interest while showcasing the turner's skill in detailing.

The Decorating Elf from Henry Taylor Tools, now available from The ToolPost, is one of the most effective specialist tools available on the market. The decorating and texturing tool utilises a burr mounted in precision bearings in a comfortable support handle. The rotation of the workpiece causes the burr to make patterns upon the surface of the wood. The Decorating Elf is highly versatile: it can cut both side- and end-grain wood as well as acrylics and bone, and can be used on flat, concave or convex surfaces.

A variety of impressed or embossed patterns can easily be achieved in no time; by simply adapting the speed of rotation, angle of the tool to the workpiece and the amount of pressure applied to achieve a variety of results. While The Decorating Elf comes with one standard ball burr, both a cylindrical and a bud-shaped burr are available as accessories. Also available is a negative rake coving tool to simplify creating a cove into which the texturing can be advantageously applied, as well as a negative rake point tool to allow for outlining the textured area with an inscribed line. A burnishing brush is also supplied with the basic Decorating Elf to give a crisp, clean finish to the cut surface, to which the more adventurous can add wax, colour or gilt cream to further enhance their work.

The Decorating Elf is one of the simplest and yet most effective tools for enhancing small wooden objects with beautifully patterned and textured finishes. Purchase yours at the home of the finest woodturning and woodcarving tools and accessories: The ToolPost at

Henry Taylor Decorating Elf

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