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An introduction to Henry Taylor's incredible 'Decorating Elf'!

As anyone who has previously browsed our extensive 'special tools' selection will know, there are many woodturning tools that don't easily slot into one of the various other broad pre-existing categories. Such a thing could definitely be said of a uniquely rewarding decorating and texturing tool that we are now offering as part of a super-value bundle– the 'Decorating Elf' from Henry Taylor.

It's got more than just a great name

Before we explain anything else further, what on Earth could have inspired that marvellous name, the Decorating Elf? Well, it's a tribute to its designer, the American William Hudson, who his friends know as the 'Turning Elf' – and it's fair to say that you, too, could become such a thing with the help of this remarkably versatile and easy to use texturing tool.

This tool is ideal when you wish to enhance smaller turned objects with the minimum of fuss. It comes complete with a ball cutter, with two further burrs – a cylindrical and a bud-shaped one – available as optional extras.

Whether you wish to decorate pens, boxes, finials, jewellery, bowls, toys, key rings, pepper and salt mills or Christmas decorations, to name just some of an incredibly wide range of options, we're sure you will be more than delighted with what the Decorating Elf makes possible in your turned work.

Three invaluable tools for a brilliant price

As economical as the Decorating Elf already is on its own, when you take advantage of our current specially priced bundle here at The ToolPost, you'll save money roughly equivalent to getting one of the auxiliary tools completely free of charge.

The bundle includes not only the HS900 Decorating Elf itself with its ball cutter, but also the HS901 Coving Tool and HS902 Point Tool and hogs-hair burnishing brush. The tools are equipped with stained beech handles in the Henry Taylor tradition and an instructional DVD is also included in the bundle.

The Coving Tool and Point Tool are great additions to your woodturning armoury for preparing and enhancing the workpiece for decorating. Furthermore, with the optional HS903 cylindrical and HS904 bud-shaped cutters also available from us, you don't have to pay much for a comprehensive set of equipment for decorating and texturing.

However, this fantastic bundle – being the wonderful bargain that it is – is only available while stocks last, and we're sure that won't be for very long! So, don't hesitate to get in touch with The ToolPost if you do agree with us that it would be the perfect complement to your current collection of woodturning tools.

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