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Give your woodturning masterpiece the finish that it deserves

Here at The ToolPost (, we know that whether you are a professional in woodturning or woodcarving or simply a discerning amateur, you put significant effort into finishing your workpieces and take great and justifiable pride in the results. It makes plenty of sense, therefore, not to skimp on the materials and products that you use to create that irresistible finish. The desire to show off such aspects as the design, construction, timber and workmanship of your final pieces has motivated our gathering together an extensive range of finishing products and adhesives from leading brands.

We haven't compromised in the choice of which finishing products and adhesives to stock, as we don't believe you'd want to compromise the finish that you, as a wood turning enthusiast, wish to create. The products that we have selected are those that have a strong reputation for ensuring that your creations delight beholders. Consider, for example, the products of Chestnut Products, a proven brand which rightly enjoys a dominant position in the field of turned wood finishing. Its range includes waxes, polishes and surface finishes such as acrylic lacquers, melamine and sanding sealers, as well as a very popular range of spirit stains that are much admired for their use in coloured turned work.

Shellawax also offers products that are used almost exclusively for woodturning, while Beall Tools is the creator of the Beall Buffing System for wood buffing and Chestnut Products now offer a similar system too. This method of working has become synonymous with a quick, easy route to creating a highly durable gloss or semi-gloss finish on turned wood, while simultaneously producing a surface that is superbly tactile and silky smooth. Although the main market of Liberon is woodworking/DIY, it also produces waxes and a woodturners finish, the latter also being offered by the Wisconsin, USA based General Finishes.

Woodcarving amateurs and professionals alike, meanwhile, will be well-served by Chestnut Products, with the buffing process being equally appropriate for many carved pieces. Those involved in DIY, household and cabinetmaking work, meanwhile, can turn to Liberon for products for the care and maintenance of furniture, floors and stairways, with almost every Liberon product that we stock here at The ToolPost being targeted at this application. Also manufactured almost exclusively for this segment are the paints, varnishes and surface coatings of General Finishes.

Finally, we are also proud stockists of adhesives, including from the Titebond and Gorilla ranges the latter including an excellent hand "repair" cream. Also represented on our site are Bison woodworking adhesives for use in DIY and construction, as well as a wide range of cyanoacrylate adhesives, or superglues, which, although used primarily in woodturning are generally wide-ranging in their application. The website of The ToolPost ( also showcases Shield Technology, which makes products for the removal and prevention of the corrosion of your wood turning and woodcarving tools.

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