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Achieve the complete finish with Steinert Drechsleroel and Drachenoel

Germany has long been the purveyor of some of the very best woodturning products and equipment, and as the hobbies of woodturning and carving have grown in the market so locally-sourced finishes for both woodturning and wood carving projects have become available. It helps that the country is home to such an acclaimed firm as Steinert, with its Drechsleroel and Drachenoel brands of high quality - but affordable - oil finishes, which are in stock right now here at The ToolPost.

Whether your aim is for a brightly buffed finish or a flattering satin sheen, these two finishes will cater for all of your wood turning and carving needs. Although we're very much sticklers for our old favourites here at The ToolPost, not being easily persuaded to switch to something new, these two are among the recent additions to our workshops that, following extensive experimentation, we have added to our product range.

Drechsleroel, for instance, whilst functioning as a good old-fashioned 'Woodturner's Oil', is made wholly from natural ingredients and is perfect for achieving a super satin sheen finish. Not only will you need only three coats to achieve this, but it is also a very durable finish and the colourless nature of the product means that the underlying timber will retain its intended shade. As a matter of fact, it will simply enhance those colours already present in your turned wooden masterpiece.

Drechsleroel embodies all of the characteristics which make it perfect as a woodturning finish. All that you need in order to apply it is a safety cloth - although we do recommend a piece of Nyweb for the second and subsequent coats - and it dries quickly to a durable finish. It smells pleasant too, which is quite a surprise given how "traditional" finishing oils tend to be. There's also no need to worry about its safety if you are using it to finish wooden toys, given that it meets the German DIN EN71 standard for "Toy-Safe Finishes".

If you are more of a wood carver, though, you might be equally pleased to hear that there's a Steinert finishing product for your needs, too - Drachenoel, or 'Dragon Oil', though you can rest assured that it is effective on many items beyond dragons, such as garden furniture: in fact it is appropriate for use on any woodwork that finds use outside. It's perfect for finishing wooden creations that are exposed to the elements, to which it will impart an attractive protective surface whilst aiding the progressive weathering of the material to a much-sought-after weathered, silvered, mature appearance.

Needless to say, we have rapidly become big fans of both Drechsleroel and Drachenoel here at The ToolPost, and neither of them would be in our store otherwise. Why not give them a go for your own wood turned and carved masterworks?

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