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Master Woodturner: Glenn Lucas

The ToolPost ( stocks a wide range of the best in informative and inspirational DVDs by renowned figures in the woodturning world. Glenn Lucas will need no introduction to turning enthusiasts, as his reputation goes before him and his beautifully turned bowls, his signature product, are sold all over the world. 

As a master Irish craftsman, Glenn now enjoys worldwide fame for his considerable woodturning ability, and after more than twenty years in the industry he produced the first ever Irish woodturning DVD, 'Mastering Woodturning ¥ Tools and Techniques¥ in 2010. This was highly successful and closely followed by a second in the series, 'Mastering Woodturning ¥ Bowl Turning Techniques' in 2011. Both DVDs have been enjoyed by amateur and professional wood turners alike and have helped many to hone their own skills.

Glenn's time is divided between County Carlow  in Ireland where he has his workshop and Woodturning Study Centre, and the various locations around the world where he demonstrates and passes on his considerable skills.  Glenn's appearances at woodturning and woodcarving events around the world always attract a dedicated following from his many fans and The ToolPost is no exception: his eagerly awaited visits are one of the highlights of the woodturning calendar.

Unlike many professional woodworkers, Glenn takes control of the full process during bowl production and is involved with each piece of native Irish timber even as it is cut from the tree. His second DVD gives a detailed demonstration of the best techniques for cutting the ideal piece of timber, detailed and precise woodturning and preparation instructions, as well as illustrating the technique for removing successive "cores" from within each bowl, both increasing the rate of production and economizing on timber usage. Even processes such as drying and marking are discussed and demonstrated in an easy to follow fashion. It is Glenn's hands-on approach and skilled movements that make his DVDs a pleasure to watch, and his obvious expertise and craftsmanship show through in a light yet informative way.

For those looking for a detailed and concise evaluation of the different types of woodturning tools on the market, Glenn's first DVD (Mastering Woodturning ¥ Tools and Techniques¥) is an ideal buy. Comprising a clear evaluation and description of all of the basic woodturning tools, Glenn's fluent commentary and demonstrations are sufficiently detailed to engross even the most experienced woodturner, yet are easy to follow for amateurs and hobbyists.

The Tool Post ( is proud of its ongoing association with Glenn Lucas, and continues to support his career as one of the world's most skilled professionals in woodturning. Visit his website for more information on his work and his classes.

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