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The ToolPost: Helping to Make the Workshop a Healthier, Safer Place

As one would expect from one of the country's foremost providers of woodcarving and woodturning tools and accessories, The ToolPost ( is passionate about health and safety in the workshop. As such, it has brought together just about all of the essential products a woodworker needs to staying healthy and safe while enjoying the craft.

Respiratory Protection

As woodworking has evolved over the years with the advent of power tools, respiratory protection has become ever more important. More and smaller dust particles are released with modern woodworking methods and we now know the grave health dangers associated with breathing in this dust, particularly over long periods of time. For wood turners the danger is ever present when abrasives are used on the lathe, either by hand or power. The ToolPost stock a selection of some of the best powered respirators which have been proven to protect health and reduce the chance of death from respiratory illness, making them arguably the most valuable additions to any workshop.

Dust Extraction

Along the same lines of protection are the dust extraction systems available at The ToolPost, modern solutions which are far removed from the 'dust re-circulation' units of yesteryear. CamVac is the range of choice from The ToolPost (every lathe in the ToolPost's own workshop is equipped with one of these units, as is the bandsaw) thanks to the superior three-stage filtration and resistance to blockages. The CamVac dust extraction units veritable lif-savers in the most real sense - are also very reasonably priced.

Eye and Ear Protection

The fragility of our eyes and ears means that protection for these organs is vital. Regardless of whether you are woodturning, carving, sanding or tool sharpening, your sight is at risk, and the prevalence of power tools in woodcraft has put increasing pressure on our ears. The ToolPost have all the essential eye and ear protection you need to go about your pastime or profession in the knowledge that your sight and hearing are safe from harm.

Protective Clothing

Finally, protective clothing, which may not be as vital when it comes to health and safety in the workshop as respiratory protection or eyeshields, but nonetheless helps to protect your everyday clothes from wear and tear. Woodturning smocks from Lovell have built up a big fanbase in the UK thanks to their comfort and durability, while the traditional joiner's aprons available from The ToolPost are heavy duty, practical and easy to wear.

The ToolPost's Health & Safety supplies are helping to make woodworking and woodturning workshops up and down the country healthier and safer places to be. Browse this department and many more at the The ToolPost website at .

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