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Introducing our new status as
UK distributors for Killinger lathes

With our entire team here at The ToolPost having worked so hard down the years to ensure that the only woodturning lathes we supply are those that we have the utmost trust in, it should go without saying that we would not sign a distribution agreement for such vital woodturning equipment with any manufacturer unless we really were great enthusiasts of its products.

This is certainly the case with our latest deal with Killinger, for which we have been appointed the sole UK distributors of not only its acclaimed woodturning lathes, but its copying attachments as well. Killinger Maschinen GmbH, to provide the company's full name, hails from Eichenau, Germany.

There could hardly be a country preferable to Germany in which such a lathe could be manufactured, given the strong reputation that the country enjoys for the quality of its manufacturing. Further evidence of this is provided by the impeccable quality VB36 and Steinert lathes that are beautifully made in the same country, and which have long taken pride of place in our range here at The ToolPost.

Killinger's woodturning lathes, like those other aforementioned German lathes, enjoy a Europe-wide reputation for durability, sturdiness and impressive specifications, at affordable prices. The brand's exceedingly robust woodturning lathes are made primarily from cast iron, thanks not only to its vibration-damping qualities but also its weight that helps to ensure the machines' operational stability.

Killinger lathes are also inevitably well-specified, with headstocks that can be swivelled on the lathe bed and, with the exception of the KM1400 model, moved or 'translated' across the bed. When the headstock is turned, an outboard turning device can be added to the lathe to enhance its bowl turning capacity. The headstock can also be easily returned to the straight-ahead position and locked in intermediate swivelled positions.

Even the bench-mounted models among the smaller lathes in the Killinger range can be specified with a robust leg stand, while the larger models sport an integrated stand as part of their basic specification. Bed extensions are also available for all lathes, should the user be interested in undertaking much longer spindle-turning tasks. 

Another invaluable feature of the broad selection of Killinger lathes that we are now so delighted to stock is electronic variable speed control, augmented by step-pulleys using poly-vee transmission belts to ensure the maximum delivery of torque throughout the speed range. The reversibility of the lathe spindles, which run as well in reverse direction as they do forwards, is also handy for the sanding of more 'difficult' workpieces.

Operators of one of these lathes, depending on the exact model, can choose speeds ranging from a pedestrian 40 rev/min right up to more than 3,000 rev/min. Combine this versatility of speed with such other features as graduated tailstock quills to take the guesswork out of drilling depths and a mobile, magnet-backed control panel ensuring the utmost ease of use of the full range of normal operational controls, and these Killinger lathes begin to represent truly excellent value for money. 

To learn more about the remarkable Killinger woodturning products for which we are now the only UK distributors, feel free to visit the Didcot, Oxfordshire showroom and shop of The ToolPost, where several models of the Killinger lathes are available for appraisal and test. For your full range of woodturning needs, extending to the supply of some of the finest lathes and associated products on the market, don't trust any provider other than The ToolPost! 

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