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Materials for woodturners

For years now, enthusiastic, seasoned and professional woodturners have sought out the expertise and quality tools and equipment of The ToolPost (, in the knowledge that we take their concerns seriously and provide a high quality of service with good value. One part of our appeal is our understanding that great woodturning depends on so much more than the right woodturning tools, with the range of materials that we offer also being extensive.

Of course, anyone involved in woodturning will require the right timber, and in this regard, The ToolPost strikes the right balance between genuine affordability and infinite variety. Woodworkers who turn to us for their timber can expect excellent European-sourced domestic hardwood from a supplier that takes such high standards seriously, although we also stock various tropical hardwoods and materials for the likes of penmaking.

We source a large proportion of our temperate timbers from old, slow-grown forests in northern latitudes where the combination of hard winters, cool weather and short summers lends itself to the development of a tight grain structure. You are likely to receive this timber, post-kiln-drying, with a moisture content of 10-15%, depending on the time of year, timber section and species. This is as opposed to a "centrally-heated house" level of dryness of around 4-8%, so as a woodturning or woodcarving professional, you should benefit from a sweetly working timber that nonetheless requires some stabilisation time once you have completed your work.

Our full timber "store" includes domestic hardwoods in bowl blanks and turning squares, with represented timbers in this section encompassing apple, ash, beech, birch, cherry, maple, oak, pear, plane (lacewood), poplar, sweet chestnut and sycamore. Among our imported hardwoods we offer high quality Italian-grown olivewood, as well as the likes of Bubinga, zebrano, cocobolo, purpleheart, African blackwood in both sawn blanks and in raw log form, ebony, thuya burr, pink ivory  and tuliptree. We supply most of our bowl blanks as square blanks so that you have the flexibility to re-saw the blanks into turning squares, if the need arises, without any loss of utility or value.

Our complete range of materials also includes project materials such as pen blanks, both in timber and acrylic as well as our own, we'd like to think dazzling, Tigerwood product. You can also trust us to bring you timber specialities such as boxwood and banksia nuts. Meanwhile, for those who wish to make best use of their woodcarving tools, we also stock carving blanks, sawn from the UK's most popular carving timber lime. Whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned woodcarver, you are sure to appreciate such a timber, given its general lack of knots, ease of cutting and cost-effectiveness.

This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of the materials that we may be able to source, and customers are welcome to get in touch with The ToolPost ( if they have any more specialised needs. Nonetheless, we take great pride in what we believe to be an industry-leading selection of materials for woodturning.

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