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Some of those woodturning DVDs that you may have missed

When was the last time you just sat down and watched a DVD related to your passion for wood turning? We aren't referring to those times when you may have felt the need to fast-forward to a certain technique or a section about safety... we're talking about just walking into your living room, slotting the DVD into the player and then sitting back to take it all in.

Here at The ToolPost, we realise just how easy it is to overlook some of the great woodturning DVDs out there in today's workaholic age, so we thought we'd take a closer look at a few that we have presently in stock. We've written previously about the Mastering Woodturning productions of the wood turning master over several decades, Glenn Lucas, but you may not be so aware of the many DVDs produced by Jimmy Clewes, who has demonstrated his considerable skills and artistry at our Didcot base previously.

From the Back To Basics with Jimmy Clewes and Turnaround with Jimmy Clewes releases to Turning The World, Turn It Up and Turn It On, the wittily titled 3-DVD box sets that each find new ways of making you feel like you're right there at one of his demonstrations, we're sure you'll find something new and interesting to watch from this master. But there are so many more DVDs out there that are easily missed and that can shed light on all manner of both well-known and lesser-spotted woodturning aspects and techniques. These include the various releases of Mike Mahoney - such as Bowl Basics, Heirlooms - Making Things That Last and On The McNaughton Centre Saver - which are all firmly recommended.

Or perhaps you want something beyond a typical wood turning video production... not necessarily something that guides you through the actual process of creating certain stunning objects, but that instead focuses on the inspirations and motivations of the creator? If so, the Portrait of an Artist series is certainly likely to be of interest, really shedding light on how a turned wooden object can assume the status of high art.

Other wood turning professionals or amateurs with more specialised interests may have their heads turned by the DVDs on pen-making of Kip Christensen and Rex Burningham, or even Robert Sorby's DVDs on such subjects as thread cutting and decorative techniques. All of these DVDs, together with various PAL/NTSC videos, are in stock right here at The ToolPost, and we couldn't be more delighted to bring you the video productions that will really help you to fine-tune your wood turning craft.

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