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New Year
Woodturning Purchases to Consider

New Year is a time when people across the UK and the world contemplate their previous year, consider how it could have been improved and take steps to make those significant changes to their lives. It is certainly the case for those with an enthusiasm for woodturning, who are doubtless always asking how they can create bigger, better and more work. It therefore shouldn't be a surprise that The ToolPost ( receives plenty of business at this time of year, serving those who may not have received their dream materials or equipment at Christmas.

For those people, any of a number of The ToolPost products could be attractive, such as the wood turning tools that answer every conceivable need that a woodturner could have. From Robert Sorby and Henry Taylor to Crown, Kelton and BCT, we're confident that almost any manufacturer that you could have in mind is represented in our online store or Didcot showroom/shop. Such equipment includes hollowing tools, bowlturning tools, shear cutting tools, skew chisels, spindle gouges and more. They are complemented by chucks and accessories such as the Beall Pen Wizard, VersaChuck and Model T scroll chuck.

Another item predictably sought-after among wood turning enthusiasts is the woodturning lathe, which is vital to attaining certain ambitions in this field. Although lathes are very much an instance of getting what one pays for, here at The ToolPost, we never stock overly cheap lathes that we do not believe in. We instead respect your requirement for a good quality lathe at what may be a modest price point. As the UK distributors for the Belgian-manufactured WivaMac, we are especially happy to recommend this highly professional, precision-engineered and robustly built lathe.

Particularly seasoned woodturning professionals can be especially demanding in the sharpening system that they use, and we have also extensively researched this product category to ensure that you benefit from only the best this New Year. Recommended sharpening systems include the Tormek wetstone system and the Wolverine system from OneWay. Also stocked by The ToolPost this New Year are the ideal tools for the most discerning woodworkers, including chisels, slicks, draw knives, planes, spokeshaves, scrapers, power tools, saws, dovetail jigs and more. Or why not give our finishing products and adhesives range a closer look, so that you can be sure of finishing your products in the best possible way in 2014?

It's difficult to get into much more detail here about certain other products of ours, such as our carving and whittling tools, protective clothing and equipment, abrasives and project parts. Nonetheless, they are very complete and continually updated ranges, befitting our enviable position in the wood turning market. We would also remind you here at The ToolPost ( that 2014 will not just be about our products, with our renowned Spring Open House also already scheduled for Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th June. Please do join us in Didcot, where we will have the pleasure of Ireland's Seamus Cassidy and Peter Hromek from Germany, making his first demo trip to the UK, as our latest demonstrators.

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